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Boggle With Friends Cheats, Tips, Tricks: 5 Hints You Need to Know

Challenge your friends to a word duel on this classic board game for iOS and Android. The goal in Boggle With Friends is to list down as many words as you can form from a grid of randomly generated letters. You earn points depending on the letters you used and their location on the grid.

boggle with friends guide

The only restriction is that the letters you use have to be linked. You can’t just use letters from all over the grid. The pressure will build up as your try to compete with your friends in coming up with more words. Gain the upper hand by relying on our Boggle With Friends tips and tricks!

1. Train Your Eyes

boggle with friends tips

The secret to winning in this game is to be able to spot words quickly. During your first few grids, you might be lost and find yourself with only a couple of four-letter words. That is perfectly normal. As you play more games, you will get used to spotting words faster because you will see patterns emerge from the scattered letters. Just keep looking at the board and focus on picking up as many words as you can.

2. Develop A System

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You can avoid getting overwhelmed by the randomness of the letters by developing a system for spotting words. There is no standard rule for looking for words so just go with whatever is comfortable for you.

For example, you can try looking words starting from the top of the grid then slowly make your way down. Once you have a system, stick to it. Using the same system habitually will help you create words faster after practicing a few times.

3. Mind Your Numbers

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The game will automatically score the words you form so you don’t have to worry about computing for them. What you do need to worry about is how you will score more points. As soon as the grid appears, list down as many words as you can.

When you are comfortable with the number of words you have, you can start focusing on high-scoring words with the remaining time. Try to think of words that use those rarer letters to get more points for each word.

4. Build Your Vocabulary

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Your best friend for any word game is the dictionary. Try to learn words that are not commonly used. Playing uncommon words means there is a good chance your friends would not have those words on their list. Try going for technical words or slang. Any word is good as long as it can be found in the English dictionary.

5. Go For Gold

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Once you have a good grasp of the game and how to score higher, you might want to participate in tournaments. These tournaments are played the same way as normal games but you will be competing with players from all over the world. Join any of the various tournaments and see how your skills fare against some of the best global competitors in the game.

Spend hours of competitive fun with your buddies in Boggle With Friends! Just follow the tips and tricks above to give yourself an edge. Now, if you happen to know more tips for the game, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments!

Connie Heikkila

Monday 20th of June 2022

Often in the middle of a round, the game ends and the round starts over. Very irritating. Is there a way to prevent this from happening?


Friday 27th of May 2022

How are people able to block their scores after a round?


Friday 27th of May 2022

How are people able to have 2 and 3 accounts?

Barbara Luria

Wednesday 25th of May 2022

I play Boggle with my friends and I want to purchase MEGA FREEZE. How can I do this?


Thursday 19th of May 2022

How and when are XP rewards applied?