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Twisty Sky Cheats, Tips, Tricks & Guide to Climb Higher

The sky is not the limit in this endless climbing game for iOS. In Twisty Sky, your goal is to climb as high as you can while avoiding the dreaded Goonswarm. You can use various ladders, fan blades, escalators, and more to keep going. The enemies get tougher and more persistent as you go higher. You don’t need to worry, though. Just follow our Twisty Sky tips, cheats and tricks to get you out of any hairy situation.

1. Go Fast Or Go Home

Time is of the essence in this game. You have enemies chasing you and you will need to think quick, and act quicker, in order to escape them. There are multiple obstacles for you to overcome and you will need to swipe quickly if you wont to succeed. On top of being fast, you will also have to time your swipes correctly. There is very little room for error, especially when you get to higher levels. Practice your timing well so you can make faster decisions when you need to.

2. Finding Your Path

You don’t need to follow any specific path when climbing but that doesn’t mean there aren’t better paths to follow. Try to check if the floors you are going to have connecting ladders as well. Otherwise, you will end up stuck on that floor with no way to go. Always opt for areas that have more ladders so you always have a way out. Keep in mind that more ladders mean more options as you go up.

3. Goons And Ladders

Ladders are your friends. Unfortunately, they are also your enemy’s friends. Your enemies can use the same ladders you used to climb so stay alert. You can choose to ignore those goons and just keep climbing but if you encounter an obstacle later on, you will have to deal with those chasing you. Check back on how far behind the Goonswarm are from your location and take time to swipe them off a ladder so they won’t catch up to you too quickly.

4. Pick Up Coins

Coins are useful for unlocking more features in the game so don’t ignore them. They will be scattered throughout the tower. Consider yourself lucky if one happens to be on your path. Most of the time, though, you will need to go out of your way to get them. Use your best judgement on whether or not you should chase after a coin. There will always be another chance to pick up coins later on so don’t delay yourself too much for one. If it’s too risky, it would be best to just move on to the next floor.

5. Watch Out For Special Floors

Special sections of the tower can be good or bad news depending on how you prepare for them. If you are not paying attention, you might end up on a special floor unprepared, and therefore unable to do anything. Special floors can prevent you from moving forward if you did not enter them correctly. Always look ahead to check if you are about to encounter a special floor.

On the other hand, when Goonswarm enter a special section, they sometimes pause. This gives you an opportunity to get rid of a lot of them by activating the special floor’s trap. Swipe at the right time and you could easily throw a horde of Goonswarm off the tower. They will be back for sure but at least you have a bit of room to breathe for a while.

6. Using Different Characters

Once you have enough coins, you can use it to unlock more characters. Different characters have different abilities and attributes. Take note of these in order to maximize their use in the game and avoid getting yourself in trouble. For example, the Coffee Pot character climbs faster than any other character in the game. Unfortunately, when he is full, he also supercharges the Goonswarm. The enemies will also move faster so you will have to be alert if you don’t want to fail. Try out all the characters and see which one is best suited for your playstyle.

7. Don’t Miss The Freebies

You will need every bit of help you can get if you want to survive the constant onslaught of Goonswarm. It’s a good thing this game rewards you for doing something as simple as logging in. Take advantage of the daily login rewards by making sure you log in at least once every day. You don’t have to play if you are busy. Just log in, get the reward, then log out. It’s that simple. Rewards accumulate daily and you will get better rewards as the week progresses.

Aim high and keep climbing as you play Twisty Sky. Keep the tips and tricks that you learned to make sure you reach the top!