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Gunman Taco Truck Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide: 6 Hints for Survival and Good Taco Business

Gunman Taco Truck is a brand new mobile game from Romero Games that takes place in a fictional, post-apocalyptic America, as you go on an action-packed drive en route to the safe haven of Winnipeg, Canada. In Winnipeg, there are no taco trucks going around, and that’s going to allow your family’s taco business to thrive. But it won’t be a worry-free trip up north, as you’ll encounter a host of mutants, which you can then blast with your weapons and turn into taco filling. And as you kill more mutants, you’ll be serving up their scraps to picky survivors, while also using your money and scrap metal to upgrade your truck and buy gas and other supplies.

Looking at the backstory, the mechanics, and the game’s concept, this makes for quite an interesting new game. But can you survive a long, hard trip blasting mutants, make it to each town safely, and attend to the needs of those picky survivors you’ll encounter along the way? Read on, as our exclusive Gunman Taco Truck strategy guide should be your guide to surviving this harsh new world and making good progress on your journey.

1. Keep Taking Out Those Mutants

The post-apocalyptic world of Gunman Taco Truck is not a friendly one. It is a world teeming with mutant humans and animals, and you should instinctively be blasting them if you could, if not trying to avoid their attacks, which we will explain below. The obvious thing to do after killing a mutant is to pick up its scraps by tapping on them, but it’s not always a good idea to collect those mutant scraps ASAP. Wait until the coast is clear, as enemy drops won’t fall down like they normally should; they stop the moment they’re on the ground. Wait until your truck is completely safe, as that’ll allow you more time to collect the mutant animal scraps.

Furthermore, you might be caught unaware by the enemies later in the game as they start showing up in greater number and start appearing faster; collecting mutant scraps ASAP easily allows mutants to get a few quick hits in on you.

2. Learn How To Switch Lanes

You can switch lanes in Gunman Taco Truck by swiping up and down on your screen. This won’t be necessary early on, but you may want to practice a bit, as changing lanes will become essential to your success as you move on further. You can avoid some enemy attacks by changing lanes quickly, but it’s not all about how quickly you do this; your timing should also be perfect and precise. These attacks we’re referring to include frog jumps, as is explained in the game’s tutorial, though you also have to be alert for mutants who would throw projectiles at your taco truck. It’s all about accuracy AND speed when changing lanes as an evasive maneuver, so practice while early so you can avoid being hit later on!

3. Why Is Gambling A Bad Idea In This Game?

It may sound like a good, fun, and possibly profitable idea to gamble in the game. Some of the shops have a slot machine, where you can play a few games in hopes of earning some scraps for upgrades, but we actually suggest that you don’t bother with the slots unless you’re playing as low-stakes as possible, almost just for kicks.

First of all, you normally won’t be hard-up for upgrade-related scrap. The road signs you see – you’ll see about three or four per drive – can be destroyed to the tune of about 10 units per sign. You may also sell some of your extra ingredients to Jocco for some scraps in return. Secondly, many have claimed that the odds of winning in the slot machine are lower than what you’d normally expect in the real world – try odds of 10 percent or less when playing the slots in this game! Each pull of the slot machine lever costs $8 cash in in-game currency, and you’re going to be much better off spending those eight bucks elsewhere.

Cash is hard to come by enough as it is, while scrap is relatively easy to collect. Unless Romero finds a way to offer cash prizes at the slots with subsequent updates, these machines are best avoided when you’re at the shops.

4. Always Have Enough Ingredients

While we’re on the topic of earning cash, we should let you know that there are only two ways to add to your cash total – sell more tacos, and loot dead human enemies/humans-turned-mutants. Most of the time, it’s going to be through taco sales – this game isn’t called Gunman Taco Truck for nothing! So with that in mind, always make sure that you’ve got enough ingredients to make those tacos. Meat would come from the mutant animals you kill – those are the “scraps” we were referring to in the first tip. That should not be a problem at all, as you won’t run short of mutant animals to take down. But you will need to go to Jocco’s shop to buy the other two main ingredients – Spicy Salsa and Cheese. (Can’t have a taco without those two!) Those two ingredients are the ones you’ll be needing the most, so be sure you’ve got enough of both!

5. Don’t Waste Your Gas

Gas is another key resource you should be conserving in your post-apocalyptic drive. At first, the routes will cost you two gas units each. Doesn’t sound like much, until you realize your stock truck is only capable of holding three units of gas. That would require you to refuel for each trip – this could cost you at least $30, and like in the real world, gas prices may vary depending on the city or state. Some cities may charge you $40 to fill ‘er up, so be prepared for these price changes!

You can still head out on the road if you don’t have enough gas, as there are emergency gas trucks that appear when you run out of fuel while in the middle of your trip. That comes with dangers, though, as you’ll have to keep the enemies at bay while waiting for your refill to arrive. It would also appear that Romero has set things up in such a way that enemies spawn behind your truck while you’re waiting for the gas truck.

Lest you think your emergency refuels won’t cost you much, think again. You’ll be charged $60 by the emergency truck, and if you don’t have enough, you can pay about 100 scrap in lieu of cash. As scrap (the non-edible type) is easier to obtain than cash is, paying with scrap is arguably a more viable option.

6. Don’t Serve Customers Unprepared

The customers of post-apocalyptic America can be quite demanding, but you shouldn’t try serving them if your taco truck isn’t ready yet. Before tapping on the truck to open business and start serving, you should make sure that you’ve got all the necessary ingredients. Customers will cotton on to the fact that you’ve served them an unfinished taco, and demand that you give them their money back. And once you turn away a customer because you’re short an ingredient or two, they’re gone for good, and that’s going to reduce your population.

This would be our detailed guide for Romero Games’ new mobile title, Gunman Taco Truck. We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of tips and tricks. If you happen to know additional hints for the game, be sure to let us know!