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Guess Cartoon Quiz Answers for All Levels

We’ve got a new trivia game for you to check out, and it’s called Guess Cartoon Quiz – this Android title is not to be confused with All in a Days Play’s Guess the Cartoon Quiz for Android and iOS devices, so just to be clear, this is a game from Neko Usagi, and the word “the” is found nowhere in the title. Likewise, this game features iconic cartoon characters from a variety of franchises so if you’re still an avid cartoon viewer, or clearly remember a lot of the characters you used to watch as a kid, this should be the game for you. But it differs from the All in a Days Play title, as this one asks you to guess character names, as opposed to cartoon series.

This should be a very fun and simple game for players of all ages, but there may be some characters whom you just can’t recognize right away. So why wait for your friends to clue you in on social media when we’ve got all the answers, at least for the first five answer packs? Check our Guess Cartoon Quiz answers and solutions and get the answers you need right away, without having to wait.

Guess Cartoon Quiz Answers Pack 1

Megamind, Courage, King Triot, Bender, Thomas, Lorax, Shere Khan, Flounder, Leela, Stitch, Betty Boop, Rango, Porky, Muttley.

Guess Cartoon Quiz Answers Pack 2

Grinch, Buttercup, Mr Incredible, Ursula, Green Lantern, Aladdin, Mr Burns, Droopy, Charlie Brown, Krusty, Captain Hook, Samurai Jack, Kungfu panda, Dexter, Magneto.

Guess Cartoon Quiz Answers Pack 3

Snoopy, Gadget, Simba, Elroy, Mighty Mouse, Dairy, Asterix, Bambi, Cat woman, Woody, Maggie, Robin Hood, Daffy Duck, Cindrella, Velma.

Guess Cartoon Quiz Answers Pack 4

Leonardo, Peter Pan, Road Runner, Minnie Mouse, Pinocchio, Shaggy, Spongebob, Pink Panther, Shrek, Wolverine, Homer, Ash ketchum, Cartman, Hercules, Donatello.

Guess Cartoon Quiz Answers Pack 5

Gargamel, Yosemite Sam, Wilma, Richie Rich, Bugs Bunny, Superman, Tweety, Johnyy Bravo,Garfield, The Mask, Popeye, Scooby Doo, Batman, Pikachu, Taz