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Word Genie Answers for All Levels

Pocket Play’s Android and iOS word game Word Genie would seem, at first, to be like many others of its kind – you’ve got a grid, and it’s up to you to find all the words you see in there. But in here, you will be working with only one clue, and challenging your brain to find the correct word based on that single clue you’ve got. And as you can reasonably expect in games of this genre, the difficulty could ramp up as you go along, further teasing your brain as the puzzles get more and more challenging, with the grids getting larger and larger. Are you up to it, and can you solve as many out of the 500-plus puzzles as possible?

There are other game features, such as daily quests and the ability to ask for hints. But you wouldn’t want to use up all your hints, right? If that’s the case, then check our Word Genie answers and cheats, as we help you solve the first 15 puzzle packs available in the game. And while this is a fairly comprehensive answer key, we wouldn’t recommend reading too much of it – only use this when needed, and try your best not to overuse it!

Word Genie – Bronze Coin

Goat, hand, drum, belt, oven, plum, boat, flea, coat, star.

Word Genie – Silver Coin

Winter ice, trash junk, clim lift, smart wise, sum add odd, pirate map, poll voter,quick dash,daisy iris, lane drive.

Word Genie – Gold Coin

August may, drone bird, wharf dock, inn chalet, rug mirror, puma tiger, full whole, liver iris, elm ash oak, halloween.

Word Genie – Gold Bars

Fear anger, pin hoe saw, yahoo bing, scream fun, king ruler, open frank, pen pencil, chameleon, jelly cake, demin wool.

Word Genie – Citrine

Judge plea, large huge, ring groom, fable yarn, final last, mousse gel, parrot owl, countdown, plutonium, bowl mixer.

Word Genie – Ruby

Lira pound, assist aid, bee jet bat, wanr fairy, kendo judo, pistol bow, bold plain, jordan ali, violet red, lover card.

Word Genie – Sapphire

Lake ocean, tire trunk, acre liter, bruise cut, bollywood, mars pluto, subway kfc, dugong eel, opal agate, bear slump.

Word Genie – Amethyst

Raspberry, poker dice, sleep yawn, fiat skoda, chef actor, jazz cajun, strip neon, dietician, photo post, small mini.