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A Phrase Game – Guess the Catchphrase Answers for All Levels

A Phrase Game – Guess the Catchphrase is hyped as the number one phrase guessing game on the App Store, and this is one of the many word games for iOS devices that are out there to tickle your brain and test your ability to spot hidden words. But you can expect the tickling to be, well, more ticklish this time around, as the game’s description claims that the levels are now trickier than ever before – that’s all 400-plus of them, where you will have to rely on clues such as words, shapes, and positions. Game developer ThinkCube also says that they update the game on a regular basis, because they’d want you to keep the engine of your mind running, and always on its toes.

That’s pretty much all we can say about this game. So how about getting down to business and helping you answer it? Our list of A Phrase Game – Guess the Catchphrase answers and solutions includes the answers to the first 100 levels, so check out these answers any time that any one of the levels has gotten you stumped. But as we often do, we recommend against reading the answers from top to bottom, as that takes away from the challenge of the game!

A Phrase Game Answers Levels 1-20

#1: Order Online
#2: From Bad to Worse
#3: Merry Go Round
#4: No Mans Land
#5: Opportunity Knocks
#6: The Plot Thickens
#7: Time Is Money
#8: White Board
#9: Zip Code
#10: The Rolling Stones

#11: Abandon Hope
#12: Clear Conscience
#13: Up for Grabs
#14: Top Dog
#15: Falling Asleep
#16: Get on Board
#17: Back to Back Victories
#18: Root Canal
#19: Deep in a Trance
#20: Catty Corner

A Phrase Game Answers Levels 21-100

#21: Corporate Downsizing
#22: Spring Is in the Air
#23: Close Quarters
#24: Read Between the Lines
#25: Walking Encyclopedia
#26: A Meeting of the Minds
#27: Lines of Communication
#28: Desperate Measures
#29: Nose to the Grindstone
#30: Diamond Rings