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Alice in Wordland Answers for All Levels

JoyCastle’s new mobile title called Alice in Wordland is an iOS word game which may strike one as being inspired by Alice in Wonderland. However, if you read the game description closely, there are a lot of differences, but an obvious similarity in the name of the main character. According to JoyCastle, your job is to be that someone smart and knowledgeable Alice is looking for as she explores the Magic Forest of Wordland, as you solve more and more word puzzles, swiping through the letters and looking for the right word based on how it is described. The words you have already solved will also guide your path as you make it through later levels, though you won’t just have to solve the “normal” puzzles, but also the hidden side-puzzles as well, in order to unlock the next level.

If you are having a difficult time solving the puzzles in this rather unique word game, you need not fret, as we’ve solved a good number of them for you. Read on, and check out our list of Alice in Wordland answers and solutions, which includes the answers to the first five levels in the game. Try not to read too much of this guide, though, unless you want all of those first five levels spoiled for you!

Alice in Wordland Answers Level 1

#1-1 – Must Do – Duty
#1-2 – Spelled With Letters – Word
#1-3 – Where Am I?? – Lost
#1-4 – With Six Faces – Cube
#1-5 – Recover Lost Stuff – Find

#1-6 – Duty – Job
#1-7 – Where You Find Lots Of Words – Book
#1-8 – Lost Job – Fire
#1-9 – Cubed Object – Ice
#1-10 – Book Title Contains Ice And Fire – Song

Alice in Wordland Answers Level 2

#2-1 – Don’t Move – Stop
#2-2 – Mark – Sign
#2-3 – Natural Swimmer – Fish
#2-4 – That Waves – Flag
#2-5 – Stop Sign – Red

#2-6 – Used For Fishing – Line
#2-7 – Pronounced As Red – Read
#2-8 – Lineup – List
#2-9 – Sign On The Line – Name
#2-10 – Reading List Of Names – Roll Call