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Grim Soul Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Survive Longer and Collect More Loot

In Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival you are left to die inside an unwelcoming world where the only way to survive is gathering everything you can get your hands on while at the same time avoiding powerful enemies and making sound decisions that won’t put you many miles from home with only a bottle of water left while you are dying from starvation.

The game looks beautiful and features excellent graphics featuring sharp textures, detailed models of the player, wildlife, and practically any element found inside Grim Soul. The game features a bleak and dreary art style that reminds a bit of Dark Souls series of games, although it is worth mentioning that the two games don’t have any common element.

The premise is simple – stay alive as long as you can while gathering food and materials needed for crafting. You can build your own shelter that will keep you safe from other players and during nights when tougher enemies arise and stalk the lands of Grim Soul. You can make your own food and the experience is earned by gathering basic materials such as wood, stone, various ores and other stuff that will help you in staying alive as long as you can.

Grim Soul is brimming with dangers but you can also found excellent loot, all you have to do is to look closely for signs of treasure and visit the game often in order to get notified about special treasures that show up from time to time. While the game doesn’t feature a classic campaign, it is highly addictive. It is simple – we all love survival games because we can build out shelter, make it bigger and filled with useful stuff, eventually becoming extremely powerful or dying in the process.

And if you want to know how to stay alive long enough to unlock advanced craft designs, make a proper fortress out of your simple dwelling, and becoming powerful enough to defeat any enemy stay with us. We played Grim Soul for hours and hours and found out what you have to do in order to become the master of survival.

1. Focus On Cleaning Your Part Of The Map First

Once you start the game, your character will be placed inside its own part of the map, on which they can build a shelter. You see, Grim Soul doesn’t feature a huge open world map. Instead, the game features many small, standalone areas such as forests, various special locations (castles, caravans, etc.), and other player fortresses.

So, you have your own area that includes enough materials to get you started. Once you enter the game you should first go to a dead body nearby and pick up its belongings (usually a sword and some other part of the equipment). Once you equip the sword, clean the map out of enemies. They may seem like tough but actually are pretty easy to kill. Just kill them all so they can’t bother you while you gather resources.

And by then, you should be able to unlock a couple of craft designs. Unlock those for the pick and axe so you can gather wood and stone. Then, you should gather enough wood to build a simple shelter. Once you finish building your shelter, use the pick and axe to level up until you have enough points to unlock a chest for keeping surplus items and materials.

This is very important and crafting the chest should be your main concern because your inventory is fairly limited and you just can’t carry every single item with you. Also, make sure to keep the chest inside your home because is kept outside other players can steal your stuff pretty easily.

Okay, once you finish all this, it is time to clean the area around your home of each and every piece of material available. Just strip it all – wood, stone, ore, everything. Keep crafting materials inside the chest. Once you clean your area you will have enough materials to craft other important items and constructions.

2. How To Construct Your Home, And Which Things You Need For Survival

You should make a simple home that doesn’t use all of your wood. It should have enough room for a couple of chests and a couple of other things. So, nice squares (3×3) should be more than enough for start.

Next, you should worry about being able to make your own food. The game features seeds that can be grown in fields, providing extra food. And you should construct at least one field. The good thing is that a field can grow many seeds at once so you don’t have to build multiple fields, at least at the start. Since a field is kept outside your home, you should gather crops frequently because other players can steal everything you keep outside your house.

Sure, you can build fences, but that won’t be possible at the start so make sure to gather crops often. Next, you shouldn’t eat and drink until your hunger and thirst go below 50 percent. This way you will be able to stay alive for longer and to stretch out your provisions over a larger period of time. The good thing is that, once you exit the game your character won’t see their hunger and thirst values drop so it is wise to exit the game if you don’t have anything to do in order to save up on food and water.

3. Watch Out For Special Events

In Grim Soul, there are special events, like when the game notifies you that a downed caravan can be found on the world map. Watch out for those and make sure to visit those areas as quickly as you can.

When you go to a special area, which is usually filled with loot, always go with an empty inventory. Pick only those items and stuff that are valuable to you (maybe you need some specific item that isn’t valuable by itself but you need it for constructing an important tool, or a machine). There are some things that you should always pick like weapons, golden items, clothing and armor, bandages, food, and water.

Next, you should have your energy filled because the chances are you will visit the special area more than once because they often come with a dozen or loot crates, sometimes even more. Even if your energy is full and you can visit the area two or three times in short period of time that doesn’t mean you should gather every single thing you find. Focus on important and valuable items first, and leave those that aren’t really useful for your last visit.

You can quickly sort items by placing the most valuable ones inside one crate, and once you finished searching every loot crate, pick up those that are sorted first. And then in the next run, you can sort the second tier items. This makes it easier to decide which items to pick because the inventory is very limited and you won’t have enough energy to return enough times to pick everything up.

4. You Should Loot Other Players’ Outposts, Just Be Careful

In Grim Soul you aren’t alone. Your base is surrounded by many other outposts and these can be a great source of materials, items, food, and water. Just be sure to have enough energy for a fast trip to other outposts. You see, some players keep their chests outside so you can steal their supplies. Also, some have tools you still can’t craft like a smelter, so you can craft items and supplies that aren’t available for your level.

And since some players aren’t active anymore, you can use their tools as your own. If you suspect that a player is inactive, try visiting their outpost a couple of times. If nothing’s changed from your last visit (chests have the same items, crops are still on fields, no new tools, and constructions), you can start using their tools and growing crops on their fields without worrying they will discover you. Just make sure not to stash items in their chests – as we already said, in Grim Soul you have to stash items in chests that are placed inside your home.

5. When Going On An Adventure, Make Sure You Are Packed

There are lots of different areas you can visit, some have weak enemies while others will be your grave. You can see how hard an area is by a number of skulls above it. Until you have a way to craft weapons, bandages, food and water, and equipment, we advise you to visit just those areas marked with one skull.

They feature weak enemies and have enough stone and wood for you to make tools you need and some even have valuable loot, some even food and water. Just make sure you are equipped with a weapon and that you have at least one bandage and a couple of pieces of food. While enemies aren’t that strong, you can be severely injured, making it hard to return to your base.

Tougher areas, along with castles and other maps that feature the toughest enemies should only be visited once you are able to carry lots of bandages, water and food, and at least one extra weapon.

Okay, folks, that’s all for now. We hope this Grim Soul guide helped you in erecting your own tiny base that will become a powerful fort one day. Just remember that food and water are the most important part of Grim Soul and that you should always have a couple of berries and water flasks. Also, make sure to have one field and crops growing on it, so you can always have enough food to not die of starvation. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!


Monday 30th of April 2018

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