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Gravity Switch Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Get a High Score

It’s been a while since we’ve featured a game from Ketchapp, but the masters of casual arcade are back with another one that is available for both Android and iOS platforms. Gravity Switch is an addictive game that requires focus, concentration, and precise timing, and it comes with the same one-tap controls you’re probably familiar with if you’ve played other Ketchapp titles. Your objective is to go as far as you can (it’s an endless game, per the norm), while using the different power-ups to improve your high score or beat those of your friends. Think you’re up to the task of going as far as possible with your brick and dealing with the shiftable gravity that informs the game’s mechanics?

We don’t want you to literally hit a wall while playing this game, nor do we want you to hit that wall figuratively. So if you’re looking to improve your high score, we suggest you to check out this handy list of Gravity Switch tips and tricks.

1. Buy The Cube Doubler

Gold cubes are the main form of currency in the game, and you will mainly be getting them by playing the game naturally; as you go farther, you can collect more gold cubes naturally. Of course, you’ve got the option to pay real money and buy them, but that’s something we do not always encourage; if you can get them for free, why pay a cent, right? Not always.

You can also check out the cube doubler, though, as that’s going to permanently double the number of gold cubes you can earn in the game. If there’s something to purchase, that should be it, though all of the in-game purchases can get rid of the advertisements in the game.

2. How Else Can You Get More Cubes?

Aside from naturally playing the game and spending real money on the cube doubler, you can also earn more cubes by watching a video. Ad videos do appear at times after you get killed in a round, and if you watch a video, you can win 30 free cubes. You can also open your free gifts, which allow you to win some cubes for free. Make sure you’ve got your game notifications turned on, so that you don’t miss any chance to win free gifts.

3. Spin The Wheel For New Cubes

Once you’ve earned 200 cubes in the game, you can spin the wheel for a chance at getting a brand new cube. Just to set your expectations, the wheel is arguably “rigged” in such a way that you’ll be getting common cubes far more often than rare and epic ones. You can also win new cubes in the challenges, which you’ll need to pass a certain amount of, in order to win the special challenge cubes. Legendary cubes can only be purchased with real money, though they have some interesting benefits, such as attracting all gold cubes with the Mighty Magnet Cube.

Other than those Legendary cubes, all the cubes (meaning characters, not currency) in the game play the exact same way as your default character. It’s all cosmetic, though it can be argued that all those different cubes are great for collection purposes.

4. What Else Happens After You Complete A Challenge?

In addition to giving you a chance to win challenge cubes, completing a challenge will allow you to unlock a new scape, or a new background color for levels. In case you haven’t noticed, Gravity Switch shuffles those scapes around every time you play, or every time you’ve got another ten points to your name, though the good thing is that you have the ability to add or remove scapes to your liking. In fact, you can stick with just one scape if you feel like it, thus allowing you to simplify things greatly.

And this completes our quick list of tips and tricks for Ketchapp’s mobile game, Gravity Switch. Do you know other hints for this game? If you do, be sure to let us know in the comment section below!


Saturday 18th of June 2016

Legendary cubes, or at least the booster, can be aquired through the wheel, though it is extemely rare. My friend and I have both gotten the booming booster from the wheel, and neither of us have made any in-app purchases.