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Goodgame Studios Announces Upcoming Medieval Strategy Game ‘EMPIRE: Age of Knights’

When Goodgame Studios first released EMPIRE: Four Kingdoms, no one could have predicted just how massive a success it would be. The game has garnered over 100 million downloads on Android and iOS platforms. Now all eyes are on EMPIRE: Age of Knights, as it hopes to live up to its predecessor’s legacy.

empire age of knights pre-registration

In EMPIRE: Age of Knights, players take on the role of a knight who is in charge of defending the kingdom from invading orcs. To do so, they must build up the castle’s defenses and upgrade their structures. There are over 80 different buildings available for construction, each one with its own role in the kingdom’s defense. Knights must also venture outside the kingdom’s walls in order to complete various quests and challenges and bring home the rewards.

As a multiplayer game, EMPIRE: Age of Knights gives players the power to choose between war and diplomacy. Players may choose to attack neighboring kingdoms or establish an alliance in order to trade with them. Expanding one’s empire through trade or military power are both viable routes to success.

Goodgame Studios’ upcoming medieveal strategy game EMPIRE: Age of Knights will be released on Android and iOS devices. Android players will also be able to pre-register for the game through the Google Play Store.