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Golf Boy! Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Master the Game

Golf Boy! is a unique golf-themed endless game created by Green Panda Games. In the game you need to send the ball flying as far as possible. After your initial drive, you have to putt to get the ball in the hole. It is an endless game with no competition. You just need to keep driving and putting while earning a ton of money along the way. The cash you ear can be used to upgrade your stats. Doing so will allow you to push your game to the next level. Don’t forget that you can also unlock new gear, additional worlds, and even wacky new characters. Challenge yourself to become the next Tiger Woods of the mobile golf world. If you need help progressing in the game, don’t worry. You can always rely on our Golf Boy! cheats, tips and tricks!

1. Watch Out For Rebounds

golf boy tips

When you start out in Golf Boy!, it is easy land perfect straight shots. As you upgrade your speed and power, however, a few new factors come into play. Hitting a ball a lot harder will increase the risk of it bouncing off a tree and changing its direction. While the upgrades will certainly increase your potential, they also increase the complexity of the game. Your experience in aiming will come in handy, so make sure you practice your drives well.

2. Get The Goldenball Bonus

A goldenball triples the gold you receive from games. You can get a single goldenball for free by watching a video advertisement. If you want more goldenball bonuses, you will need to purchase them. You can spend gems to buy multiple goldenballs if you like, but if you are spending real money on the game anyway, you may want to consider a VIP subscription. Acquiring VIP status will give you a permanent goldenball effect, making it a lot easier to earn tons of in-game currency.

3. Aim For The Eagle

Getting an Eagle in the game will earn you thousands of gold. You also have the chance to earn even more when you manage to successfully putt after your Eagle. This is the best way to gain a lot of money in the game. You can increase your income even further by spinning for a jackpot. You even have the chance to earn millions from the jackpot if you are lucky enough.

4. Practice Your Putt

Putting is as hard in the game as it is in real life. What makes it so challenging in this game is that you need to control both the speed and direction of your putt. The good news is that you don’t have the deal with slopes when you are putting in this game since all surfaces are perfectly leveled. Just aim straight for the hole then try to hit it a little softer than you normally would. Hitting the ball hard will make it bounce around or roll over the hole. Since the ball will roll for a bit, you don’t really need to force it to continue moving. Just estimate the strength needed to get the ball in the hole then hold back by just a little bit.

5. Unlock New Golfers

New avatars can be unlocked in Golf Boy! by simply hitting distance milestones. Reaching 250, 500, and so on will get you a new avatar. Don’t forget that you can also unlock new worlds. To do so, you will need to complete all of the distance milestone in the current world. It takes a bit of work to hit all the milestones, but it also keeps the challenge levels up for the game.

Get ready to putt for your life in Golf Boy! Make sure you follow the tips and tricks listed above in order to earn a lot of money!