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Go Head To Head In Even More Ways In Lineage 2: Revolution’s Massive End Of Year Update

In the unlikely event you were in need of more things to do within the sprawling fantasy world of Lineage 2: Revolution, publisher Netmarble have listened to fans and are now adding in 50v50 online battles as part of a new update. Complete with additional servers, shops, and strategies to implement, Lineage 2: Revolution has geared up once again on both iOS and Android.

Fortress Siege is the name of the game as Lineage 2: Revolution’s headline addition, letting two clans duke it out with each other amidst intense 100 player battles online. Taking place every Friday from 20:30 – 21:00 PST, all who enter can look forward to a glut of bonus rewards for taking part, whether that’s always-handy EXP or exclusive buffs and red diamonds waiting for the winning side.

Newcomers who aren’t quite ready yet can get a taste of the action in the newly added Open Siege mode, where, providing your character is at least level 11, PvP battles are dialled back slightly with a 60 player limit. Here you don’t even need a clan to take part and everyone involved is set at an equal power combat level, meaning the playing field is equally set.

Such intense update additions mean bolstering Lineage 2: Revolution’s existing servers, but Netmarble have already got players covered and are adding three. Opening exclusively for North American and European users, traffic flow will be eased and online gameplay more seamless.

Experience the new jam-packed end of the year update yourself on iOS and Android from today onwards.