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Passpartout: Starving Artist Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Become a Great Artist

The life of an artist is not just about splashing around paint and calling it a masterpiece. Available on Android and iOS platforms, Flamebait Games’ new mobile title Passpartout: Starving Artist lets you experience what it is like to survive as a French artist. You will quickly discover that inspiration does not come for free. As an artist, you find yourself hooked on expensive wine and baguettes. You will have to convince numerous self-proclaimed connoisseurs to purchase your art in order to pay for your rising wine and baguette bills.

passpartout the starving artist guide

Of course, that does not mean you should sell out and lose your artistic integrity. It is all about balancing your creativity and sales talk. If you do well, you can unlock better galleries and customers with deeper pockets! Money isn’t everything, but it surely makes life a lot easier. Make sure you read our Passpartout: Starving Artist strategy guide for making more money!

1. Great Artwork Takes Time

passpartout the starving artist painting

It took Michelangelo four years to complete his famous Sistine Chapel painting. While you probably shouldn’t take as long in creating your art in this game, it is better if you take your time. The game tends to favor artwork that took longer to create. If you just churn out one artwork after the other, you will end up getting burned. Art is subjective, but you won’t make any money if you just quickly throw a piece together and call it an artwork.

2. Accept Customer Feedback

Even though it is important to express yourself, there is nothing wrong with listening to feedback. Most customers will tell you why they rejected your paintings. Make sure you pay attention, so you will know what kind of paintings your customers are looking for. If they tell you that you lack originality, then take that as a cue to get even more creative with your works.

3. Try A Different Perspective

passpartout the starting artist art room

Have you ever seen artists look at their work then tilt their head sideways? Sometimes, looking at an artwork from a different angle can change your opinion of it. The same is true for customers. If you have a painting that has been rejected, try to flip it around. Just tap on a painting that is for sale, then tap on flip. This will rotate your artwork, allowing customers to view it from a whole new perspective. It may not always work, but it is worth a shot.

4. Check The News

Despite having your own style, it is important for you to stay relevant. Otherwise, your work will become monotonous, and you will eventually lose customers. The game occasionally sends you news flashes for this purpose. Whenever something happens in the city, you will see it in the news. Use this as inspiration for new pieces. Creating artwork that are related to recent events can help you sell more paintings.

5. Sell Your Artwork To The Right Customer

selling artwork in passpartout the starving artist

Sometimes, you will create pieces with a particular customer in mind. When you put up your artwork for sale, other customers may try to bid on it. If you are confident that your piece can sell at a better price if shown to that customer you had in mind, then feel free to reject initial bids. It is a bit of a gamble, but it can pay off big time if you know your customers well.

Creating artwork that sell well can be difficult, but with the help of our Passpartout: Starving Artist strategy guide, you will surely succeed!