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The Ultimate Prepper Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Survive the Wasteland

They say that luck happens when preparation meets opportunity. Well, when you are facing a global apocalypse, you are going to need all the luck you can get. The Ultimate Prepper is a doomsday-themed idle clicker created by Net Craft for Android devices. In this game, you will be journeying through 16 different cities, fighting hordes of monsters along the way. You will need to use your skills, as well as a variety of weapons, in order to survive. The game has a surprisingly gripping story for an idle clicker. Unravel the mysteries that each city holds in order to uncover the truth and save mankind. Saving the world is not an easy task to take on. You will need the help of our The Ultimate Prepper tips and tricks if you want to make it to the end in one piece!

1. Rush The Upgrade Milestones

There are several skills and buildings for you to upgrade in the game. Upgrading improves their efficiency with each level. However, reaching certain levels of upgrades can give you a huge boost as it doubles your production speed. These levels are called milestones. The first upgrade milestone is at level 25. The next ones are at level 50, 100, and so on. You should invest in your upgrades in such a way that you can reach these milestones as quickly as possible.

One approach you can use is to upgrade everything you have to at least level 5. After that, work on upgrading each building or skill, one at a time, until you reach a milestone. Trying to level up everything evenly will only slow down your progress. It is better if work your way up the list of upgrades, rushing milestones whenever possible.

2. Watch Ad Videos For More Income

The game gives you boosts in income in exchange for watching video advertisements. You can watch up to six advertisements per day. Each ad you watch will double your earnings for four hours. Make sure you take time to max out this boost in order to maximize your income. It only takes a few seconds to watch an ad, so there is really no reason for you not to do it.

3. Battle Monsters In Cities

The skills menu is the idle part of the game. You will just need to check in from time to time to ensure all upgrades are done. Swiping to the right will allow you to play the endless clicker part of the game. You will be entering the cities where the mobs and bosses are waiting for you. Just furiously tap on the screen to strike down the monsters. You will need to do this regularly, especially when it comes to the bosses. If you don’t, your crew members will eventually become too weak to take on the monsters on their own.

Weapon upgrades and additional crew members can be purchased from this screen. There are no upgrade milestones for upgrading weapons, but you should invest in them just the same. Partner and Crew upgrades, on the other hand, do have milestones. The milestones are different for each character, so make sure you read the description of each crew member.

Keep working your way through the legions of enemy monsters. When you start feeling that you are being overwhelmed, or if you feel like you are not dealing enough damage, it might be time to head back to the Skills menu. Slow progress in the cities is an indicator that you are due for some Skills upgrades.

4. When To Prestige

Every idle clicker game has a Prestige option. This means you will be starting over, but you will also gain permanent boosts to your performance. In this game, you will earn Sages when you reset your progress. Each Sage gives you a 2% boost. This does not mean, however, that you should rush to reset your progress. Sages are earned based on how far your progress is in your current run. The earliest you should reset your game is when you have at least 6 Sages. It is better if you wait for at least 10 Sages before resetting for the first time. After that, wait until you have double the number of Sages before resetting. If you do not follow this strategy, you may end up losing more when you reset.

Surviving the end of the world isn’t easy, but if you use our list of tips and tricks listed above, you will be fully prepared! If you happen to know more hints for The Ultimate Prepper, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section!