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Girls X Battle Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Form a Powerful Team

Carol Games has released a new title for Android and iOS mobile platforms called Girls X Battle, and it is what you may think it sounds like – an RPG with anime-inspired female protagonists. It’s described as a game with hundreds of Anime Girls under master summoners command, with the ability to micromanage your strategies. You will have to consider your girls’ skills, and cast the right spells at the right time, while making sure your gear is up to date and as powerful as possible. You can also compete against other players in VS mode. In addition to all of that, there are variety quiz mini-games, and different tasks for you to complete along the way.

That pretty much describes the game in about a hundred words and change, but what about playing the game? How can you refine your tactics and make the right improvements to your girls so you can move forward faster? Read our exclusive Girls X Battle strategy guide, and you may have a better clue of what to do, particularly if this is your first time to play the game.

1. Equipment Basics – A Few Quick Pointers To Remember

Each of your girls are allowed to equip a maximum of six items. They would be able to promote once all six equipment slots are filled and that would result in a permanent stat increase. The catch here is that they’ll have to sacrifice all their equipment items, though that’s quite normal when it comes to RPGs with this mechanic. And if you don’t quite know where to find a piece of equipment, you can tap on the missing item and click on the “How to Get” button. That will pull up a list of areas in the game where the equipment is listed among the prizes.

2. How To Unlock More Girls

In order to unlock a new girl to add to your roster, you’ll need to have a certain amount of scrolls. Like you would when checking to see where you can win pieces of equipment, head to the Girls menu and scroll right so you can see the girls you haven’t added to your lineup yet. Tap on them and you will be shown where you can get the scrolls that will let you unlock them. You will also need those scrolls to evolve girls that are currently in your party, and once again, the game will show you where to get those additional scrolls; tap on the “+” button next to a girl’s scroll count to view this information.

3. Level Up Your New Girls

Once a girl has been added to your party, you will want to bring her up to speed as soon as possible. Level her up as soon as possible so she won’t be a liability on the battlefield, and acquire more experience juice in order to get more experience to level the new girls up; experience juice can be collected as you play the game. Don’t use all your juice right away, as you may need it for girls you haven’t acquired yet, but may potentially acquire.

4. Unlock More Game Modes By Completing Campaigns

This seems to be a mechanic that’s becoming more common in RPGs – you need to complete more campaigns in order to unlock different game modes. That too applies in Girls X Battle, as you’ll want to complete the campaigns as quickly as you could so you could unlock new modes, such as the store, which becomes available after you’ve completed Chapter 2. The work place, institution, and the quiz mini-games are also locked at first, but will become available to play once you’ve reached certain levels.

5. Auto-Battle To Farm For More Juice

Need more experience juice to improve those new additions to your party, or potential new additions? You’re free to replay levels you have already completed and farm for more experience juice; that’s where the auto-battle feature will come in handy. This grinding process will also allow you to get more equipment, and coins for use at the in-app store, so go use that auto-battle feature when grinding, but not necessarily when you’re fighting a new battle you haven’t completed yet. As we often say, computer AI is often too simplistic, so you’ll have to micro-manage things and fight the new battles yourself.

6. Low Experience And High Tier Is Still Okay

Concerned about adding a new girl who’s got a higher rarity tier, but doesn’t have an experience or promotion level worth writing home about? You’ll still want to add them to your party in favor of those with a lower rarity. You can also use your scrolls to evolve lower-tier characters to a higher one, which would give their statistics a nice and permanent bump. Also, don’t forget to upgrade your new girls’ skills – we did mention this earlier, but we’re repeating it as it’s very important to get them up to speed in battle.


Wednesday 27th of March 2019

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