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Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Cheats & Strategy Guide – 5 Tips You Need to Know

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions is the latest chapter in Activision’s popular series that has you encountering various 3D grid shapes, playing in different game modes, and fighting all manner of tough bosses. There are 50 “Adventure” levels, plus five Classic Arcade levels, and two exclusive bonus levels for iOS gamers. There are also a good ten battle modes to choose from, five variants of companion drones, five special abilities, and a whole lot more, regardless whether you choose to play solo, against your friends, or against players from all over the world.

This arcade shooter game can be quite complex if you’re just starting out, but we’ve collected some useful Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions cheats, tips and strategies to help you start off the right way.

1. Collect Green Geoms As You Shoot Down Your Enemies

As a rule of thumb, the main thing in Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions, or one of the main things, is to kill your enemies and collect the green geoms (no, that’s not a typo) that they leave in their wake. This will allow you to increase your score substantially by jacking up your multiplier.

2. Keep On Moving

If you’ve played previous Geometry Wars titles in the past, then you probably know this. But since this is a strategy guide for newbies, we’ll stress this as one of the more important tips to share to you – you’ve got to keep on moving if you want to stay alive. Shoot in the direction your ship is traveling in, and always dodge enemies proactively. Movement is key to survival, and staying in one place will only end your game earlier than it should.

3. Watch Out For The Connected Red Shapes

Connected red shapes can be particularly tough customers – these are red shapes that have a white line connecting them. As shooting these shapes won’t harm them, what you have to do is fly through them – you will get some green geoms for your trouble. Connected red shapes can pop up in the middle of a tough battle, but don’t panic – just fly through them and keep firing at the enemy.

4. Don’t Shoot Too Much At Those Black Holes

You will encounter black holes occasionally in Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions, so how do you deal with them? Actually, these holes have a bluish hue to them (they aren’t entirely black holes, mind you), and they come about when you shoot a handful of bullets in to them. An active black hole would then suck in several enemies, and will keep sucking in more as it spins faster. Yes, black holes can be of help to you, but try not to shoot at it too much and make it go too fast for your own good.

5. Use The Quick Retry As A Last Resort

If you’re looking to get yourself some three-star levels and soar up the leaderboard, then you can aim for a Quick Retry and play a stage you’ve already completed. This is the game’s version of grinding, and it’s one of the best ways to earn three stars in a level much easier.