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Gems Story Tips & Tricks: 4 Hints You Need to Know

Bitflash’s new mobile title Gems Story is another one of those simple to learn, yet addictive Match 3 games. But unlike most other popular titles in this genre, this game is only available for iOS devices at the moment. The backstory here takes place in Petsburg, a fictional world that’s home to the shiniest gems and greediest thieves, where Abigail the Cat has run amok, stealing rare jewelry from Ruby, the cute little detective dog. So how do you go about recovering that jewelry? Why, it’s as simple as solving more Match 3 puzzles, matching three or more identical pieces as you complete level after level after level. You can also unlock new districts, crack safes, open jewelry eggs, and complete more challenges as you go along.

If that above overview sounds like déjà vu, that’s because Bitflash is the same company that gave us Diamond Story, a similar game we had covered not too long ago. So if you’ve played that game, you may already have an idea of how things go in this newer title. But what if you haven’t, or what if you don’t know much about Match 3 gaming? That’s why we’re here to provide you a list of Gems Story tips and tricks.

1. The Less Moves, The Better

This is a rule that applies to many a Match 3 game, and it definitely applies in Gems Story too. Once you’ve completed a level’s objectives, the game will take all the moves you didn’t use, and convert those moves into special pieces, affecting random pieces on the board. As the gems explode, you’ll earn some bonus points, and that should ensure you of a perfect three stars, especially in the early levels of the game. You do not have a time limit in this game, so you can take all the time you need to make sure you’re using as few moves as possible. Plan things out carefully and you wouldn’t always have to settle for that basic match of three.

2. Make Your Matches In The Same Area

One basic mechanic to keep in mind in this game is that you can power up gems by making matches adjacent to them. Once you do that, you’ll see a yellow number beside the gems; take note of this number, as that’s going to determine how well you move toward hitting the level goal. Using a simple example, a gem with the number one beside it would be worth two gems.

Keep in mind, though, that the yellow number will only be there for a brief period of time. How brief? Try one turn before that gem reverts to a normal gem. That means you should immediately make a match using that powered-up gem before it goes back to normal; that way, you can be sure you’re matching charged gems on a consistent basis.

3. There Are Almost No Special Pieces In The Game

What makes Gems Story unique from other games in its genre? We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but this is one of those rare Match 3 games where there are typically no special pieces. The main mechanic, as we explained, is the ability to charge nearby gems. Still, you will want to match more than three pieces, as that’s going to increase the amount of charge for the adjacent gems. You’ll also notice that the area of effect will resemble that in traditional Match 3 titles; for example, you may create a match of more than three pieces, and the charge will flow in a plus-sign formation, or maybe cover one whole row or column.

With all that being said, you still want to string together those big matches. You’ll still move closer toward fulfilling the goals of each levels; you just won’t be treated to those sights of exploding gems disappearing from the board as you match the special piece you created.

4. The One Exception To The Above Rule

Although we wouldn’t call it a special piece per se, something does happen when you match five identical gems. Doing so will get rid of all the gems of the same type by automatically matching them, no matter where they’re found on the board. That should allow you to work the harder-to-reach areas of the board. Using another simple example, there may be safes in some of the corners, and since the safes do not move, it can be challenging to have a steady inflow of new gems in those areas. But by matching five gems, you could get rid of gems where those pesky safes are located.