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Diamond Story Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Complete More Levels

Diamond Story is another one of those countless Match 3 games for Android and iOS devices. And you better believe it when we say those games still keep coming in; Match 3, after all, is so popular because it’s simple and addictive, yet deep enough for non-gamers to enjoy. That said, the game comes with hundreds of levels and an ultimate objective of “(taking) revenge” on Belly Bill, the greedy cat that stole all the jewelry. With your faithful dog Ruby by your side, you will travel through Petsburg’s “cozy” districts, swiping and matching jewelry pieces. Aside from going through the game’s storyline and beating the boss character, you can also connect your game to Facebook and challenge your friends.

There probably isn’t any need for a detailed primer on this game, considering the mechanics of one Match 3 title are often similar to the other. But we know there are a lot of people out there who may be getting into this game as their introduction to the genre, which is why we’ve compiled some pretty cool Diamond Story tips and tricks for the first-time player, with a few tips that may also help more advanced players.

1. The Bigger The Combo The Better

When we talk about stringing together combos in Diamond Story, or in most Match 3 games for that matter, we simply mean making matches of more than three pieces. If there’s an option to match four or five, then go for it, and if you see a chance to match seven, all the better. Larger combos mean bigger numbers added to the gems that surround it. That’s going to help big-time if you’re trying to reach three stars by getting more jewelry added to your totals thus far.

2. Using The Jimmy

One of the more unique features of this game is the Jimmy, which you can use to remove jewels that are blocking you from stringing together a combo. When using it, make sure you’re jimmying a piece on the board that has a large number. That would allow you to gather more pieces and have those pieces go toward your total. There’s no sense using the Jimmy if there’s just one gem blocking your combo.

3. How To Get Your Lives Back Quickly

The good news about Diamond Story is that you don’t have to wait too long for one of your five lives to be restored. The bad news? It’s still 20 minutes. Twenty minutes times five equals 100 minutes, or over an hour and a half, and the wait can get frustrating when you’re trying doggedly to beat a tough level.

Back in the day, the first thing we would have said would be to do the time lapse by advancing your phone’s time by a couple of hours so you can get your lives back ASAP. But with that cheat now an increasingly risky option, the best antidote to waiting is to get social. Connect your game to Facebook, may it be your actual account or a special gaming account with friends added from App Store/Google Play reviews or gaming forums. Add friends to the game, ask them for lives, and play the game without having to wait interminably or risk your game status by cheating.

4. What Are The Best Ways To Get Three Stars?

Speaking on general terms, you want to complete a level with as many remaining moves as possible in order to improve your chances of acing that level with three stars. There’s a +5 boost available if you need extra moves to complete the level or to make it to the three-star mark, though you should only use this if you’re very, very close to completing it or getting three stars, and confident that you can do so. Otherwise, it’s going to be a waste of a boost.

5. Open The Extra Safe

The game map is loaded with safes that could earn you some nice rewards, though there are also bonus safes that are available every 24 hours, with even more prizes with in. Your rewards include additional bone coins and power-ups, so keep your game notifications on so you can be told right away if you’ve got a new bonus safe to open.

These would be our tips and tricks for Diamond Story. If you know more hints for this Match 3 game, let us know below in the comment section!

Carol Danner

Sunday 5th of March 2017

Give me hint on #358! I can't get all the bees, I'm stumped by the dynamite bundles. Help me