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Maximum Car Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Win More Races and Collect More Cars

Maximum Car is a new mobile title by Ancient Games that should appeal to anyone who remembers those car racing games of the ‘80s. With a claimed 100 tasty-looking cars and five different game environments, this Android and iOS game promises to make drivers feel like a badass in seconds. You can take part in missions and complete them, or view your accomplishments as you launch missiles to blow up your opponents, “perhaps from the comfort of an Ice Cream Van.” Can you take out as many cars as possible, or better yet, win your fair share of races, while collecting as many cars as possible?

This is a fun little arcade racing game with what seems to be a surprising amount of depth, and while the learning curve isn’t that difficult to deal with, you may find yourself needing some advice on how to do all the cool things we told you about above. So read on, fasten your seatbelts, and get ready for a maximum ride to victory with these Maximum Car tips, cheats and tricks. These are designed to help you in collecting more cars, exploring more in-game worlds, and accomplishing more in the races.

1. About Your Cars’ Stats

All the cars in Maximum Car come with four different stats with quirky names to match. Fastness, of course, refers to top speed. Speedy Uppy is the acceleration stat. Turniness (and no, that’s not even a word) refers to how well your cars handle. Lastly, Bish Bash, as you may infer, refers to their ability to do damage, and likewise, their ability to withstand damage when colliding into other cars. Each of the cars have their own distinct stats, so review each stat carefully and weigh your options before buying a new vehicle.

2. You Can Also Upgrade Your Existing Cars

Collecting cars is fun, and it’s a worthy goal to have when playing Maximum Car. But if you’re chasing after victory above anything else, you might want to focus on what you have, instead of looking toward acquiring more. That means upgrading your existing vehicle and filling out the vacant squares for stats, as you strive to upgrade your car to maximum levels in all four stat categories. Even small upgrades make a noticeable difference, so look into this option if car collection is a secondary objective for you as a player.

3. How To Earn More Coins And Unlock More Cars

The higher you place in a race, the more coins you can earn, thus making it imperative to shoot for victory each time you’re behind the wheel. That’s your basic way of earning coins in the game. But you can also get some coin bonuses if you’re able to destroy other cars, either by colliding or ramming into them or by destroying them with missiles. And, as a bonus tip, if you’re able to destroy a certain car so many times, you will be able to unlock it at the in-game store, regardless whether it’s included in the race or not.

Additionally, endless mode is a good way to get more coins, while brushing up on your skills for the main races in Maximum Car.

4. Replay Completed Races

Just because you’ve already completed a race victorious doesn’t mean there’s no use going back to it and winning it all over again. You can grind for coins by replaying races you’ve already completed (and hopefully won), so feel free to return to any race track you’ve finished, and farm for coins by winning the race, or winning it again. The same applies if you want to grind for more cars; if you need to destroy a certain car type a few more times so you can unlock it, replaying old races does help.

5. How To Unlock More Levels / Races / Locations

Bored with the races in your current level or location? You can unlock more levels in Maximum Car by completing a certain number of races in your present level. As for unlocking new races in your present level, you’ll have to complete more missions per race. Once again, you can use the principle of grinding for mission completion in order to make more races available to you. And while the races you unlock will get progressively harder with each new one you unlock, you can earn more coins if you do well in them.


Thursday 20th of June 2019

so you unlock new cars that are locket by destroying then in race's multiple times of haw many it tells you