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Killer Clown Chase Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Get a High Score

The “killer clown” craze has gotten so much buzz in the news that it was inevitable that we’d see a mobile game based on it. Eye Box Games’ new casual title for iOS and Android, Killer Clown Chase, is an endless runner that capitalizes on the whole trend. This game is all about tapping carefully so you can bounce your way to clown supremacy, and aside from a perfunctory explanation of what the “killer clown” craze is about, that’s all there is to it. You’re playing the role of a clown, not someone on the run from them.

These no-bells-and-whistles games probably don’t need much explanation anyway, but what you probably want to know is how you can be the most successful killer clown, at least in this in-game world. How can you spook out more people and bounce on them en route to more points and more success in the game? Read on, as we shall talk you through it all in this list of Killer Clown Chase tips and tricks.

1. Use Light And Gentle Taps

The first thing to remember about your killer clown is that he’s very sensitive. We’re talking about sensitive in terms of how you interact with your device; to prove this point, clowns tend to drift forward in sort of a reverse recoil action after you lift your finger off your phone or tablet’s screen. That could easily make you miss trampolines and people (see below), so make sure you’re using light taps when controlling your clown. This won’t be easy as you get used to the physics of the game, but with a little practice, you’ll know just how lightly you should be tapping in order to hit those trampolines and people more accurately.

2. Bounce Off Trampolines For Points

For each time you successfully bounce off a trampoline, you will earn one point each. It might sound easy to do, as trampolines are very easy to spot in the game, but mistake it not – your clown character moves quite quickly while airborne, and it is ironically easier to miss the trampolines instead of landing on them, especially if they’re located right next to each other. Don’t worry about missing a couple from time to time; just as long as you’re trying to bounce off as many of them as possible, you should score quite nicely in the game.

3. Better Yet, Maximize Your Use Of The Bubble

Although you normally need to be bouncing off a trampoline to get credited for points, there are times when you do not have to actually do this in order to get the points added to your score. You will sometimes see bubbles floating around, and grabbing them will allow you to float inside them for a few seconds. And while there’s obviously no way for you to bounce off a trampoline while inside the bubble, you will still get the points you normally would; this works great if you’re floating inside the bubble while passing a row of trampolines stacked next to each other.

4. Bounce On Everyone You See

As a killer clown, you’ve got to live up to your moniker. And the best way you can do this is to scare those people and bounce on their heads. While bouncing around, you may often see a bunch of people running around frantically, trying to escape you and look for safer ground. But if you’re able to bounce on a person, that’s going to get you five points per person hit. That’s a lot of points compared to what you will normally get when bouncing off trampolines, and that also means this is a harder feat to pull off. Still, if you’re lucky enough, you can get your score up big-time, and run it up by bouncing on as many people as possible.

5. To Chase The Skulls Or Not To?

Skulls are your currency in the game, and are completely independent from your score. As the game’s currency, you can use skulls to buy new clowns, or should we say new skins for your clown. As this is a casual game, the clown skins don’t do anything in terms of gameplay; they’re just there for collection purposes, and to break up the monotony if your current skin (or the default one) gets to be too boring. So with that in mind, you’re probably better off not minding the skulls, if your only goal in the game is to score as many points as possible. Sure, you can also go for them if you wish, but since the skulls are often located in hard-to-reach spots that could compromise your run and end your game early, it’s often not a good idea to take the risk.

If it’s any consolation, and it should be, the game does allow you to watch ad videos, which are worth 30 skulls per video viewed. Better to earn skulls the safer way, right?