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Gear Race 3D Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Win Every Race and Unlock All Cars

Rollic Games, which was recently acquired by Zynga, is among the leading providers of hyper casual games in the mobile gaming industry. With more than 2 years of being active in the mobile development business, the Istanbul-based studio has developed and published several successful titles, such as Touchdrawn, Picker 3D and Wood Shop, to name a few. If you are a casual mobile gamer who enjoys diving into simple but fun games during idle periods, then chances are that you will enjoy Rollic Games’ titles.

Gear Race 3D is a new racing title developed by Rollic Games, that’s currently available on iOS and Android platforms. Just like all of the studio’s other mobile titles, Gear Race 3D provides simple gameplay mechanics that gamers of all ages can play and enjoy.

The game still offers plenty of challenge, though, as you will be driving cars with a manual gearbox and shifting gears at the precise moment is key to beating each challenge. Various aspects of your car can be upgraded, and upgrades apply to all cars you acquire as well. Each race only takes more or less a minute to complete, enabling you to make progress in your racing career even with only a couple of minutes of spare time!

gear race 3d shop

There are no tutorials included in Gear Race 3D and there is hardly need for any at all. All it requires you to do is to tap on the right gear number as you race through a straight path, eliminating the need for steering left or right. There are neither gas pedals nor brakes involved as well and the chances of collisions are impossible. Your sole and exclusive objective is to beat all other racers across the finish line.

As simple as it all sounds, Gear Race 3D is not totally devoid of needs for strategy and if you are having difficulties bagging some wins on some challenges, or if you are up searching for fast and efficient ways to make progress in your virtual racing career, then check out our Gear Race 3D guide below! With the help of our tips, cheats and tricks you will be ace every challenge and unlock all the cars!

1. Master The Art Of Properly Shifting Gears

There are 2 basic meters you will always see on the dashboard or instrumental panel of every motor vehicle. There is a speedometer that shows you how fast you are going, and for cars with manual transmission, there is a tachometer to show you your car’s revolutions per minute or RPM. While some cars with automatic transmission still have tachometers, they are purely cosmetic.

Gear Race 3D makes it a lot easier and simpler for players by combining both these meters and still serve their distinct functions. The meter in Gear Race 3D will show you how fast you are running and also indicate RPM based on the color on the dial. The chart is divided across 4 colors from left to right: yellow, green, orange, and red. The red area indicates the space within which you have to shift to the next higher gear.

Although precision plays a vital role in ensuring that you stay ahead of the pack while in the race, it actually leaves you with a lot of room to make little mistakes that do not necessarily lead to instantly losing the match. Shifting gears within the red are makes it easier for the meter to climb up or stay within the red area, which means you can again shift to a higher gear.

gear race 3d shifting gears

Doing so a little ahead of time, leaves you with a little less revolution to quickly be able to shift to the next higher gear and accelerate. Overstaying in the red zone, on the other hand, and reaching the limits of the gear you are in will heat up the gearbox and cause your car to lose its speed or even stop.

It should be noted that for manual transmission driving, a gear’s number determines the maximum speed of your car and as such, you should strive to shift gears fast enough to ensure that you are always driving at full speed. It may take a while at first to perfectly time each gear shift within the optimum time but with some practice and patience, you are certain to get the full hang of it.

As an added tip relative to the above, you should not wait for the green light to shift to the first gear. As your car will be set on neutral at the starting line, you can tap the first gear and be instantly ready to roll once the race starts. There is no advantage in only shifting to the first gear after the green light turns on so shift to it before the start of the race and take a look at the competitors if you want to as that should only be the time you should see them.

2. Keep Your Eyes On The Meter

As we mentioned above, the only time you should take to look at the other racers should be at the starting line, before the green light beeps. The same actually applies to all other things you can see on your screen, which includes the track itself and even the goal or finish line ahead of you.

gear race 3d meter

You should consider everything as a distraction and possibly even ignore messages that tell you to gear up or down when you have to. All concentration must be on the meter alone, and peripherals on the gear stick if you haven’t memorized its layout yet.

You actually do not even need to pay attention to the speedometer aspect of the meter and should only focus on the tachometer part. Every time that the hand goes to the red area and there is a higher gear available, you should instantly be able to gear up. Again, doing so as flawlessly as possible is your key to winning every challenge.

3. Gearing Down Is Necessary

One of the features that provide variety to challenges in Gear Race 3D is the design of each track. Surely enough, each race takes place on a straight track with no need to make a turn left or right ever. Each track, however, comes with differing slopes that affect your car’s performance in as many ways. Running uphill naturally slows your car down while careering downhill gives you more acceleration.

As you run towards an elevated part of the track, it may be hard to notice the reduction in RPM or speed if it is just a short climb. The longer it goes, however, the more pressure it imposes on your engine and you will notice that both your car’s RPM and speed will slowly be reduced. In such cases, be sure to gear down as motor vehicles perform better at running uphill on lower gears.

gear race 3d gearing down

When you approach the peak of a climb fast enough as well, you will initiate a jump, and sometimes these jumps can take a long while before your wheels make contact on the tracks again. On the air, you can expect slowdowns as well given that there is no friction to work against for your gears and wheels to keep you in accelerated motion. In these cases, you will again have to shift down on your gear stick to keep the engine running.

The different slopes that cause acceleration and deceleration of your car makes it all the more tempting for you to actually look ahead of the track more often. For most racing games, endless runner games, and similar arcade style game, that is what we would recommend as well.

In Gear Race 3D, though, keeping focus on the meter and gear shift is all you need to do. It is all a matter of shifting your gear up when the meter’s hand is on the red area and contrastingly shift it down when the hand goes below the red mark. It can be a challenge to make a habit of constantly keeping track of the meter and not enjoying the actual race itself but practice and patience will get you there.

4. Invest In Upgrades Strategically

The racing and challenge part of Gear Race 3D on its own can be a lot of fun, but what would constantly reel you in to engage in 1 match after another is the prize money that you need to keep saving up to upgrade your car and improve its performance. Gear Race 3D gives you plenty of upgrades to invest all your hard-earned money on and each one either directly or indirectly increases your car’s speed.

The speed upgrade is a direct boost to your car’s acceleration and maximum speed and each upgrade adds an extra 1% of speed to your engine. You will start off with the standard gearbox that has 5 gears and upgrading it 3 times will net you 3 more gears for a total of 8. We mentioned earlier that a higher gear can reach higher speeds so having more gears to shift up to can tremendously provide you a faster run.

Note that having more gears as well can make it more challenging most especially in instances when you have to shift your gears down. Last but not the least is the engine cooler, which plays a vital role when you are always revving on the red mark.

gear race 3d upgrades

This is especially helpful when you take longer than usual in shifting gears up or continue to run while the meter’s hand is at the edge of the red zone. Each upgrade ups the engine cooler’s performance by 5%.

To be honest, you can freely spend your earned cash however you like across the different upgrade options. For efficiency’s sake, however, it is best to expend resources strategically with every bit of investment.

To earn more value from your investment, you would want to enjoy the benefits of each upgrade as soon as possible. Naturally, keeping idle cash is the opposite of being efficient, which is why you should invest the cash you earn from races as soon as you can for the most part.

The best way to go, as far as investing cash in upgrades is concerned, is to purchase the most expensive upgrade you can afford at a time and then settle for the cheapest one with your remaining cash. As you win more challenges and earn more cash, check which upgrades you can afford after every race and go for it.

If you have enough cash to purchase the cheapest upgrade but at the same time will be able to afford the most expensive one after the next race, then you should consider to hold off on spending the cash until then.

5. Execute Perfect Nitro Boosts

Upon crossing the finish line, a different meter will appear. The meter is for a nitro boost that determines how much money you will earn at the end of it as how far you reach on the final slope serves as a multiplier for your final cash earnings.

As far as earning cash is concerned, tapping as rapidly as you can is very important and reaching the maximum amount of boost provided can net you the top multiplier of x12 on the slope. Being too engrossed in game itself may occasionally catch you unprepared for the race finale or the moment where you need to smash tap for the peak nitro boost.

gear race 3d nitro boost

Starting to tap rapidly at a slightly later time can negatively impact the nitro boost effect and the resulting rewards you should get. As such, you should make it a habit early on to always stand ready for the finish line scenario to ensure the acquisition of maximum rewards for each race.

Consistent with our earlier tip on keeping your eyes at the meter, doing so until your reach the finish line should enable you to promptly engage in rapidly tapping the screen once the nitrous boost meter appears. Like the car itself, the raceway, the competitors, and even your progress within the race, you can also choose to ignore the finish line and simply wait for the special meter to pop up.

6. Do Not Hesitate To Join The Tournament Early On

In addition to the regular game mode where you make progress challenging one level after another and purchase upgrades in-between, a tournament mode is also available for you to partake in within a limited period of time. As a beginner, chances are that you might be hesitant to engage in a tournament with the mindset that you will be challenging other players or thinking that your car is not as souped up as it should be to score a victory in the tournament.

On the contrary, you do not need to be an expert to score a win in the tournament and, at the same time, you also do not need to invest in upgrades much as well as upgrades do not apply in tournament races.

Whenever you log in on the game after the initial session, you will be initially greeted with a prompt to join the special event. Likewise, before the start of each race, you can also tap on the huge and highly noticeable tournament icon close to the center of your screen. Tapping on it takes you to the tournament page, which consists of 4 races that can earn you a legendary grade car after you win the final race.

gear race 3d tournament

Each race works a lot like the usual races in the arcade campaign but will always be a one-on-one race. In addition to racing with your default settings, which means no upgrades, the track will also be longer than the usual one.

As far as the race difficulty is concerned, though, you also do not need to be a complete expert before taking on the challenge. The enemy racers are not as perfect as their cars and names might suggest and even if you make a few small errors, you can still bag the win.

Taking on the tournament earns you about as much cash as you would in a normal race, which is also multiplied at the end of each race thanks to the nitrous boost multiplier bonus. Once you beat the final race, you will obtain the first legendary car and will instantly unlock the next tournament where the next legendary car awaits. Once you have obtained all 3 legendary cars, the grand prize for winning all 4 races in the tournament is 1,000 cash.

7. Take Advantage Of The Ad Boosts

Gear Race 3D, like most other free-to-play mobile games, employs video ads as a part of its usual content. Although there are some video ads that automatically play without asking for your permission first, most of the ads will be voluntary to play and are most certainly worth the time and patience as well.

While it is still understandable why some players to this date still feel annoyed by the existence of video ads, it is important to keep in mind the rationale behind the integration of such ads in free-to-play mobile games.

Most especially in the case of hyper-casual games that offer little to no microstransactions, the only means of earning profit for the developers and continue to make the game available for everyone to enjoy at zero cost is to place these ads.

In any case, you can always consider these ads as resting points for your eyes and gaming fingers. You can simply play the video ads and not look at them to their full extent. Gear Race 3D makes it so that you will only need to amass cash for upgrades up to a limit, so playing those video ads will not be a task that befalls you for a long time.

gear race 3d ad boost

To start off, one of the fastest ways to rack up more cash earnings is to play a video ad at the end of the race. The amount of earnings you get by default is decent enough, but multiplying it by 3 after playing a 15-30 second video ad is very much worth the time.

As you make progress through the levels and defeat cars that have not formed part of your collection yet, an opportunity to earn them can occur after the race, most especially on boss battles on every fifth level. You will need to play an ad to earn the new car as well.

At the car selection screen, you can choose to spend 1,000 cash to unlock a random car that is missing from your rare collection. We advise against it, though, as these cars are supposedly the easiest to get from the game. With only 15 cars available in Gear Race 3D at the moment, it is very easy to collect all cars especially since playing the tournament 3 times will net you all the legendary cars.

If you have idle time to spare and still want to earn cash, you can play a video ad at the rare tab of the cars page to earn 100 cash instantly. There doesn’t seem to be any limit as to how many times you can do this so play as many ads as you want.

8. You Can Play The Game Offline

Given that you will only be racing against NPCs in every level or challenge in Gear Race 3D, you should know that there is hardly need for the app to connect to the internet for you to play and enjoy it. The only need for an internet connection is to stream the ads that pop up and grant you extra rewards at the end of it.

If you are in the mood for uninterrupted gameplay with absolutely no video ads, then you can simply turn off your Wi-Fi or mobile data before launching the game. You can play the arcade mode and even the challenge mode normally, and will still reap the usual benefits after winning each challenge.

gear race 3d claiming a car

What you will miss out on, however, are the opportunities to triple your cash rewards at the end of the race, as well as the chance to earn new cars from NPC racers that you beat. If you choose to play offline but then chance upon a reward such as a new car that you simply cannot pass on, you can simply turn your Wi-Fi or mobile data back on to play the video ad and claim the rewards. It may take a while for the video ad to play but then, you are still guaranteed to obtain the rewards afterwards.

And this wraps up our guide for Gear Race 3D. We hope that you learned and will be readily able to apply the tips and tricks we shared as well as enjoyed the entirety of our guide. If you stumbled upon a tip, trick or strategy in addition to what we have already mentioned, you are very much welcome to share them with us!

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