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Gamevil’s New RPG Elune Shows Promise in Early Access

Gamevil, one of the most well-known mobile game publishers, has finally come up with a self-developed RPG and everyone is thrilled. Elune is a collectible RPG that combines turn-based combat with hero collection. Players need to assemble a combat team by choosing members from the pool of heroes that they have collected. There are over 200 unique heroes available for players to collect, each with their own set of skills and abilities. These heroes will then help the players explore the world of Elune and take on the different enemies in the game.

After its successful CBT run in Korea, Elune has now moved on to its global testing. It received mostly positive feedback from its testing in Korea, and is expected to do just as well worldwide. The global CBT will run from October 16 to 24. Gamevil will then collect feedback from players in order to make final tweaks on the game before its official release. Those who want to gain an advantage in Elune can try out the different paid services that have been made available.

Even though game data will most likely be reset after the closed beta, Gamevil promises to give out special bonuses to those who will spend real money during the testing period as a token of their appreciation. Players are encouraged to check the game’s Special Paid Services EULA or the in-game payment policy prior to making any purchases.

Elune is now available as early access download on the Google Play Store. As of this writing, no announcements have been made regarding the official release date.