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Soul Seeker: The 6th Knights Soft Launches in the Philippines, Global Release to Follow in November

After years of waiting, the highly anticipated sequel to Soul Seeker has finally arrived! Players from the Philippines got first crack at the game when it was soft launched on October 17. While officially a sequel, Soul Seeker: The 6th Knights has completely different gameplay mechanics from the original. It still sports the same characters and visual aesthetics, but it also adds a whole bunch of new features that adds depth and challenge to the gaming experience.

The game’s story begins with the destruction of the Hermes continent in the aftermath of the war between the five gods. These gods left behind five soul stones that are now being hunted down by the five orders of knights in hopes of becoming the ruling faction in the land. Where do the sixth knights come in, then? The sixth order, also called the Albion Knights, is the player’s faction. Instead of trying to rule the continent, the Albion Knights are on a mission to keep the soul stones from falling into the hands of Evil and save what is left of Hermes.

Soul Seeker: The 6th Knights has a different combat system compared to the original. In this game, players need to assemble a team of six heroes divided into three mains and three supports. There are over 150 unique heroes to collect in order to build a team. Elemental attributes have also been introduced into the game, specifically Air, Light, Darkness, Water, and Fire. As with most other RPGs, these elements have advantages and disadvantages against each other. Players will need to include this into their decision making when assembling teams.

There are also several game modes available in Soul Seeker: The 6th Knights, the primary one being the Story mode. Several PVE dungeons are also present, allowing players to farm for experience, items, and other rewards. Lastly, the game also offers several PVP modes where players can duke it out and rise through the ranks.

Players from the Philippines can download the game from either the App Store or the Google Play Store. The global launch for Soul Seeker: The 6th Knights is set for November 1, 2018.