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GameDev Empire Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How to Earn Millions Quickly

Now that video games are taking the world by storm, the dream of becoming a game developer is something a lot of people aspire for. If you are one of those people, then GameDev Empire is the perfect game for you! Available on iOS and Android, this incremental game gives you control over a gaming company that you will have to build from the ground up. You start off by creating a few simple games with your game design buddy. Once you make a bit of profit, you can start expanding the genre of games you develop, as well as hire some more popular names for your staff. Continue building games and make your presence known on social media. The more fans you have, the more customers you will get! Earn millions the easy way by relying on our GameDev Empire tips and tricks!

1. Offline Earnings Bug

As with most incremental games, you are supposed to earn a ton of money while you are offline. There is an existing bug where you earn nothing even after being offline for a while. You will need to make sure you force close the game in your device’s cache in order for the offline earnings to work. Once you clear out your cache, you should be able to log into the game and see your earnings without any problems.

2. Aim For Milestones

Upgrading each genre to a certain level will earn you a milestone reward. These significantly improve your earning potential. Keep aiming for milestones so you can earn even more in just a short span of time. These are easy enough attain so long as you know which ones to aim for.

3. Try Out The Mini Games

If you are wondering what to spend your money on, you can always try out the mini games. The games can be unlocked using money but you will need tokens in order to play. Prizes from the Arcade include different bonuses. Try out as many mini games as you can in order to find which one suits you the best. The bonuses they offer may not be permanent but they are quite useful if you can manage to win.

4. Claim Your Daily Prizes

Every day, you will receive five shiny new presents from the game. You can also earn new followers and a lot of money if you agree to watch advertisements for free. Try to watch the videos towards the end of the day since doing so will reward you with even more prizes.

5. How To Start Over

The game has a resetting process that becomes available once you hit certain milestones. Doing this will give you access to the same old levels but with a few new boosts. Each follower you make will increase your income by 2%. Make sure you are at least level 50 before resetting so you can maximize your earnings. You can also sacrifice some followers in exchange for upgrades to your income. Just make sure you pay attention to the amount you are getting in return because you might end up losing instead of gaining.

Building your own gaming empire is an enormous task, but with the help of our GameDev Empire cheats and tips, you will be raking in millions with ease!