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Goblin’s Shop Tips, Cheats & Tricks: How to Defeat the Human Soldiers

What do you do if you are a weak little goblin who is constantly being bullied by humans? In Goblin’s Shop, you take on the role of a goblin who has had enough of humanity’s evil ways. Since he does not have the combat skills necessary to take revenge on his own, he has decided to set up a shop to help other monsters in their quest to vanquish humans. After finding some customers who are willing to do the dirty work, you can then go on adventures with them. Going on adventures will give you access to better materials for crafting stronger equipment. You will need to keep improving your craft if you want to be able to attack the human castle and serve the ultimate revenge! It’s a good thing you can rely on our Goblin’s Shop tips and tricks to help you get stronger!

1. Offer A Variety Of Equipment

Different warriors have different needs. If you only offer one type of equipment, then you will not be able to cater to all your clients. Monsters who don’t find what they are looking for will leave your shop empty handed. You need to be able to sell equipment to monsters in order to join them on their adventures. Increase your chances of making a sale by crafting different items for display.

2. Line Up Items For Display

You can only put a limited number of items on display in your shop. That doesn’t mean you cannot continue crafting. Keep making new items so that you will be able to replace any of the items on display as soon as they are sold. Any item you craft will be kept in your depository. You will need to manually put them up for display once slots become available.

3. Recommend Items

A good salesperson can sell more by simply talking to customers. When you see a customer in your store, you can tap on him to approach. You can then recommend an item for him to buy. Of course, you can recommend any item on display but it will not always translate to a sale. Give good recommendations in order to increase the chances of selling your equipment to your customers.

4. Catch Those Thieves

Since all of your customers are monsters, it comes as no surprise that some of them will be unscrupulous enough to try to steal from you. Luckily, they are easy enough to detect if you pay close attention. Thieves will usually move quicker than regular customers. Keep an eye on these fast-moving customers and tap on them as soon as they try to pocket an item. They will drop whatever item they were trying to steal then scurry off into the sunset.

5. Invest In Team Members Early

The game gives you a good number of gems early on. Use these in order to recruit a couple of team members right away. Just go to the tavern and pick two members who have good stats. Avoid those who remain invisible because they won’t really help your team much. If you get poor options when you visit the tavern, you can always hold off on recruiting. Just try to get those team members as soon as you can so they can get experience from your adventures right away. You want your team members to grow with you so they can help you progress in the game quicker.

6. Choose Special Orders With Care

Once in a while, a customer will come in with a special order. You can choose whether or not to take this order. On the up side, you will receive greater rewards for completing special orders. On the down side, you can only have one special order pending at any time. That means if you accept an order that is too difficult, or even impossible, for you to complete, you will be missing out on other potential rewards. Feel free to reject any special request if you feel it will take up too much of your time. Special orders come in often so you can always accept the next one.

7. How To Cancel Crafting

If you accidentally started crafting an item that you feel you don’t really need, you can always just cancel it. Sometimes you will get a special order and you want to get started on it right away, you just need to tap on the crafting table. You will get a pop-up message asking if you would like to cancel whatever is being crafter. Confirm cancellation and you will be able to start crafting a new item right away.

8. Boost Sales With Promotions

As with a real shop, sales promotions can help boost your sales if done correctly. Before starting a promotion, make sure your shelves are fully stocked, and have a few items lined up in your depository. Customers will flock to your shop for a limited time. They will not wait for you to craft new items if you run out of stock.
A good way to ensure optimal stocks before starting a sales promotion is to close up your shop. This way, you can focus on stocking up without worrying about regular customers picking up the new items you craft. Just tap on the table with a red button to close your doors then craft items until you are satisfied with your stocks. Open up your store again and start your sales promotion to boost profits!

9. Spend Skill Points Wisely

Skill points will allow you to customize your goblin according to your playstyle. While you are free to spend them however you want, there are a few things you should prioritize if you want to optimize your skills for success. When you start out, try investing in non-crafting skills first. You don’t need to craft advanced items immediately so instead focus on what will help you on your adventures. Pick up Archeology so you can get more chests during your adventures. Invest in Friendship to get more companions, and put points into Fame to get more customers.

Once you hit your stride, you can start investing in crafting skills. Start off with a few points in Potions since it is a fairly straightforward tree. You will then have to choose to focus on either weapons or armor. It is really up to you which one you prefer, just make sure you focus on one or the other. Spreading your points evenly between the two will only make things difficult for you down the road.

10. Watch Ads For Gems

A secret trick for getting gems in this game is to watch advertisements. Goblin’s Shop does not actively tell you how to do this but you can actually go to the right side of your shop where a crystal ball is on display. Tap on the crystal ball and you will be able to watch an ad to get free gems.

It is time to dish out some vengeance in Goblin’s Shop! And with the help of the tips and tricks listed above, the end of humanity is just a few sales away!