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Gacha-Style RPG ‘Final Blade’ Up for Pre-Registration

Gacha-style RPGs have been around for a while now, and people can’t get enough of collecting all sorts of heroes and characters from such games. One of the most anticipated games in the genre in recent years is Final Blade, developed by South Korean studio SkyPeople. The game is finally ripe for an official global release, and it’s now available for pre-registration.

final blade pre-registration

The game is set in a fictional oriental-themed world, so players can expect a lot of beautifully designed heroes with intricate weapon and armor details. Players will then have to choose five heroes in order to form their respective teams. These teams will be going up against monsters in campaign mode and other players in the various PVP modes.

Final Blade offers a lot more than just character collection, though. The combat system requires strategy and timing if players want to maximize their damage output. Ultimate skills need to be used at the right moment and leveled up accordingly. The same goes for each hero’s skills. The difficulty levels ramp up quickly, even in campaign mode, making it imperative for players to do battle strategically. Those who find themselves with an excess supply of Rice, the game’s energy currency, can still fall back on the game’s auto-battle system, though.

Players who want to test their skills can participate in PVP combat. Final Blade has a PVP option that has its own ranking ladder as well as various rewards. The guild system also has a daily war where players can choose to battle specific players from the opposing guild in order to earn stars. The guild with the most stars at the end of the day wins. PVE players can also take on various raid bosses and even try to climb the Endless Tower for exclusive rewards.

Final Blade will be available for download on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Those who pre-register will receive various rewards including premium currency and a five-star hero of their choice. Additional pre-registration rewards may be added depending on the number of players who sign up. In order to pre-register for Final Blade, just head over to the game’s official website.