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Fuse Ballz (Ketchapp) Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Drive Up Your High Score

Fuse Ballz is a colorful, pool-inspired game created by casual gaming giant Ketchapp for Android and iOS devices. In Fuse Ballz you will be merging balls instead of shooting them into pockets. Merging the balls will earn you points. The more balls you merge, the higher your score will be. The balls get bigger as you merge them. Once they reach a certain size, they will blow up into a bunch of tinier balls. When you make a ball explode, you will get four extra shots in the game. This is important because if you run out of shots, the game is over. The game sounds easier in writing than it actually is. The balls on the table will get more chaotic and difficult to merge the longer you play. You will need the help of our Fuse Ballz tips and tricks in order to stay in the game!

1. Send The Balls Up

Since you shoot from the bottom of the table, the best place for you to send the balls to is the top. It will be more difficult for you to properly aim and maneuver if the balls are at the bottom because the angles of your shots would be too distorted. Keep the balls at the top of the table to make it easier to merge them whenever you take a shot.

One way for you to do this is to create a bigger ball through merging, then send it upwards to have it push the rest of balls in the same direction. If you are taking a shot and there are no available merges, use that ball to make the ones that have settled at the bottom of the table ricochet upwards. Lastly, there are grey balls that destroy balls it comes in contact with. It will destroy a few balls, but it will also create enough impact to send a few balls upwards.

2. Keep Matching The Balls

The match you make does not always have to be from the ball you shoot. You can use your shooting ball to push those that make a match. Before you make a shot, make sure you scan the entire table for possible matches. You can also make the ball bounce off the sides of the table if your paths are all blocked. Get creative and make non-matching shots only if there are really no options remaining.

3. Use The Grey Ball Strategically

The grey ball can be a double-edged sword. Since it destroys the balls in comes in contact with, you can use it to remove non-matching balls from the board. This will help clear the path towards more matches. Keep in mind, however, that you do not get any points from any of the destroyed balls. What’s more, you could potentially lose shots if you end up destroying the bigger balls that are ready to explode. Make sure you only aim for the smaller targets when you are using the grey ball.

4. Watch Those Ads To Continue Where You Left Off

Similarly to most other Ketchapp games, such as Ballz Shooter and Falling Ballz, you have the option to continue where you left off after losing by watching an advertisement. What’s better is that you also get three bonus magic balls after watching the ad. These magic balls can be merged with any color, making it easier to make more matches after you continue. One good trick to do is to create a lot of large balls when you are running out of shots. After you watch an ad and get the three magic balls, you can use them to blow up the large balls you left behind. This will give you a huge boost in terms of number of shots remaining as well as the number of points you make.

Things may get more difficult the further you go, but with the help of our Fuse Ballz tips and tricks, you would easily be making high scores!