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Life of Boris: Super Slav Walkthrough

Life of Boris: Super Slav is a comedic origin story that is divided into playable levels. Boris is a Youtube personality who humorously presents what life is like if you live in a Slav country. What started as a goofy video made with friends quickly took off and became one of the fastest growing channels in recent history. Available on iOS and Android devices, this game was born due to insistent public demand to know more about how Boris came to be. Long-time followers will finally be able to meet the different characters from the channel, including the famous Vadim. Whether you are a fan or not, however, you will still enjoy figuring out the solution to the various puzzles that the game offers. If you need help solving any of the puzzles, you can always rely on our Life of Boris: Super Slav walkthrough guide to point you in the right direction!

Level 1: Just Swipe

Check the pin board and look for the small item to find the CD. This doesn’t have anything to do with solving the puzzle, but it is the first available collectible in the game, so make sure you pick it up. After that, just swipe over Boris’ hands to make him type. Once he is typing, tap on the computer screen to solve the puzzle.

Level 2: Find Boris

When you enter this level, Boris is nowhere in sight. You will, however, see a matryoshka doll. If you are familiar with it, you would know that matryoshka dolls have multiple layers of dolls inside. That sounds like a good place to hide, right? Continuously tap on the doll until you find Boris hiding in the center. After that, just swipe down on the handle to complete the level.

Level 3: Fail

If you want to complete all the collectibles, you need to fail level 3 first. Just tap the right side of the car and watch the two characters fall over. You will then be able to pick up the CD collectible. You will fail the level at this point, so just start over. You get to keep the collectible, don’t worry. After restarting the level, look for a coat floating in the water on the left side of the car, and tap on it. Next, tap on the pants to the right. Lastly, tap on the shoes below the car and you will solve the puzzle.

Level 4: Vandalize The Car

This level presents you with another car and a few baking ingredients. Of course, the only logical next step is to vandalize the car with the ingredients. First, drag the flour over the car. Next, add the milk over the flour. Finally, mix in the eggs to complete the mix. This also completes the level, by the way.

Level 5: Focus On The Potato

It wouldn’t be a Boris game if there wasn’t a potato somewhere. When you enter level 5, all you get is a potato and a car. There isn’t anything else for you to do in this stage so just focus on the potato. It’s just by the door to the right. Pick it up and drag it over the car. That’s all you need to do to solve this puzzle.

Level 6: Dance With Boris

The trick to this level is to get things started by making Boris dance. Just tap on him and he will start dancing. After a couple of seconds, a car with three white stripes will drive by. Quickly double tap on this car. When you do, it will stop and pick up Boris. This solves the puzzle and completes the level.

Level 7: Grab A Bite And A Drink

The level opens in some sort of catered party. You will see several waiters walking about with food trays. Look for the one with food that looks like a pie and tap on it. After that, look for the waiter who is carrying a pitcher full of red juice. Tap on the juice. Once you do, Boris will once again start dancing, and the level is complete.

Level 8: Get On The Bike

People are still on the boat party in this level, but before you do anything else, tap on the water on the left side of the screen to summon a mermaid. The mermaid is carrying the third CD collectible, so tap on it. Now that you have the collectible, you can proceed with the level. Tap on the boat to make the party people dance. After that, tap on Boris a few times until he calls Anatoly. A man will come in carrying a bike. Get on the bike and start pedaling to solve the puzzle.

Level 9: Upgrade Your Bike

The next CD collectible is in this level, so get it out of the way first by tapping on it in the middle of the red bike. Once that’s done, look for the wheels on the right side and drag them towards the bike. Next, look for the engine near the location of the CD. Drag the engine towards the bike as well to solve this level.

Level 10: Annoy The Bear

This is the final level of the game, so it naturally has a bear in it. You won’t see the bear right away, though. You will need to tap on the stereo a few times first. After a while, a bear will pop its head out from the nearby bushes. Slavs aren’t afraid of bears, so just go ahead and tap away at that bear’s head. Keep tapping on it and you will eventually be able to solve the puzzle.

Unlock Bonus Stages

There are two more levels available in the game. You will need to complete the collectibles and play the minigames in order to unlock these final stages. These stages give bonus content about the background of Boris, so try to unlock them in order to get the most out of the game.

Conquering the levels in Life of Boris: Super Slav can be challenging due to the game’s tongue-in-cheek approach to puzzles. Just follow our complete walkthrough and you will be able to solve them all!

N. A. Mize

Wednesday 27th of December 2017

The waiters are carrying cheburek and kompot. Cheburek is basically a large pelmeni (a meat and onion filled dough semi-circle, traditionally boiled or deep fried in a pot), and kompot is a European and Eurasian beverage. It's traditionally made from berries, but any fruit is acceptable. It's a sweet, sugary drink filled with cooked fruit (eating the fruit is optional, but as Boris says "a true slav drinks pompot with the fruit, and eats it after"), it can be served cold or hot, and can be preserved if you want in hermetically sealable jars. Boris has videos about how to make both cheburek, pelmeni, and kompot on his channel, life of Boris. Usually in the playlist, cooking with Boris. He also sometimes cooks with his cousin Anatoli. While the videos usually are comedic, the recipes are legitimate.

N. A. Mize

Wednesday 27th of December 2017

It's also possible that what I said was kompot, could be jam. While I doubt this is true, he speaks of "babuskas homemade jam" in the cutscene before the level. It is possible he is referencing the pitcher the second waiter is carrying.