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Fun Run 3 Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Become the Fastest Racer Alive

Fun Run 3 is an online multiplayer racing game developed by Dirtybit, the creators of Dino Dash and the previous Fun Run games. The third iteration of the Fun Run series, Fun Run 3 takes things up a notch by adding a bit of spice to classic running games. The result is an intense and fun experience online that couldn’t be shared by any other game.

fun run 3 guide

In the game, you are but one of the furry racers vying for the throne of being the best Runner in the game. There’s not much when it comes to the story of the game, but it leaves a more lasting impact with its addicting gameplay. If you have played games like Mario Kart, Garfield Kart, or any of the previous Fun Run iterations, then you know what you’re putting yourself into.

fun run 3 proper race

Now that we’re here, now you also ponder to yourself. As a beginner, how am I supposed to be the best racer in the game? Fret not, as this Beginner’s Guide for Fun Run 3 will ensure that you will leave here a victor after you take a game. If not, then still learn from this guide and do better the next time around!

So don your favorite furry suit, dye it blue to possibly make yourself go fast, and grab your best shoes. Do you want to win a race? You’ve come to the right place.



fun run 3 overview

Before we get started, let’s talk about a few things this game has to offer first before we run around, feet blazing, in our discourse on tips and strategies. There are a lot of things this game has to offer for its simple gameplay, so it’s in your best interests to be very aware of what you’re going up against.

It is still a racing game; keep that in mind. There are so many things to consider that you have to know when it comes to this game.

Now, with that out of the way, let’s jump right in and understand the world of fun Run 3.


Like any other game with an upgrade or cosmetic system, the currency is your resource to spend such luxuries in Fun Run 3: Arena. They can be obtained whenever you reach a new level in either Runner’s Road or Runner Pass (which will be discussed in a later section), watching ads, or finishing quests.

Coins act as the primary currency of the game. They can be dropped from the following sources, though their abundance is limited as they are locked behind either the Runner’s Road (or Runner Pass) as well as ads. However, you cannot obtain coins from the main menu ads. Thus the only way of acquiring it is via playing the game.

fun run 3 currency overview

Gems are different, however, as it is the premium currency of the game. They are rarer than coins and give you greater access to a few quality-of-life mechanics. You can watch ads, make special offers, or play in the Arena for the chance to get this item. Gems can also be brought with real-life money, but we highly discourage doing so. You can get many of them in the game.

Because of how these currencies are locked in the game, the best way to obtain them is just playing the game overall. Similarly, coins can also be brought with gems, just as gems can be brought with real money. There are strategies for how you can spend these currencies later on, so let’s keep our focus on a few things for now.

Runner’s Road and Runner Pass

Runner’s Road

fun run 3 runner's road overview

The Runner’s Road in Fun Run 3 acts as a progress tracker in-game. Every time you play the game in any of its modes (aside from practicing maps) and complete quests, you gain Experience that racks up to the total Experience. The more Experience that you gain means, the more items that you unlock, ranging from game modes to powerups.

If you’ve played Catalyst Black, then you already know the gist of how this system works. What differs, however, is that it provides no other rewards other than purchasable powerups.

fun run 3 runner's road overview 2

Regardless of the similarity, the Runner’s Road has a few more nuances than other experience-based systems out there. Because of the exponential growth of Experience in each level, there exists a Total Experience Multiplier that compensates the more you play the game. In general, the higher the Total Experience Multiplier is, the more Experience you will get.

This won’t feel much when you reach higher levels. It will become obvious once you don’t have said multiplier, as the game perfectly relies on your consistency to have a high multiplier, to begin with. Even so, here are the following Experience multipliers and what they mean to you in a table. Take note that they stack—meaning that they add up rather than multiply one another.

Experience Multiplier Based on Rank:

Experience Multiplier NameMultiplierDurationCostRemarks
League Rank1.0 to 10Current League RankFreeYour current League Rank dictates how much the multiplier is.
XP Potion1.53 Days30 Gems or Runner PassNone
Super Star101 Race100 GemsOnly another player can apply this multiplier.
Permanent XP Doubler2Permanent500 GemsNone
Temporary XP Doubler230 MinutesWatch an 5 to 30 seconds video AdNone
Clan Supporter1.53 Days200 GemsBy extension, you also get the Shared Clan Supporter buff.
Shared Clan Supporter  +2%3 DaysNoneOnly another player can apply this multiplier, given their Clan Supporter purchase has not expired yet.
Runner Pass XP Boost1.1 to 1.3Until the End of the Season350 GemsProgressing through the Runner Pass increments it
fun run 3 daily xp bank

Another thing to take note of is the Daily XP Bank. The Daily XP Bank accumulates all the XP that you have gained within that day, allowing you to get additional from it. That means the more XP that you have gained that day, the more you can gain out of the Daily XP Bank. There are also three reward categories for it: +10%, +150%, and +800%.

If the XP you have earned that day is 2000 XP, you gain either 200 XP, 3000 XP, or 16000 XP, depending on which one you choose. You only need to watch an ad for the +10%, while you have to spend real-life money for the +150% and +800% options. Of course, it’s not recommended to take the following options considering that you can still catch up to other players.

Runner’s Pass

fun run 3 runner pass

The Runner’s Pass is a battle pass system in Fun Run 3 that gives you multiple types of rewards when you collect Paws. These Paws can only be obtained when you finish quests, and you only have a limited time to obtain this content. There are 50 levels worth of prizes overall, and any overflow of Paws is not counted.

Each pass only has 2 weeks before it expires. Thus a new pass is made. Any Paws you have gotten will be reset, and you will be back to zero. It takes about 3000 Paws to finish a Runner’s Pass for the current season.

fun run 3 new season

There are also two pass types: free and premium. The free pass is located at the bottom of the premium pass path, giving you Experience and Gold when you reach the following pass level. The premium pass, meanwhile, gives you more rewards, such as player costumes, player icons, boosts, and gems. The premium pass can be bought for 500 gems or 1100 gems if you wish to have +10 tiers.

Completing the free pass nets you 27000 coins and 3500 base Experiences. Completing the premium pass nets you 19500 more coins, 120 gems, a few XP Potions and Super Stars, and cosmetics. Whatever you do with the Runner’s Pass is up to you, but there will be a tip regarding this in the Tips and Tricks Section.

Game Modes

fun run 3  game modes

Fun Run 3 has five game modes to choose from for such a simple game. Once you have raced enough at the beginning, you can unlock the option of selecting which game mode you want to select. We’ll go through each game mode so you won’t be overwhelmed, and these are the five game modes under a list:

• Quick Race

• Cup Race

• Arena Race

• Clan Battle

• Custom Race

Quick Race

fun run 3 game modes quick race

The default game mode of Fun Run 3, Quick Race, is a fast racing experience pitting you against three other players in a vie for first place. This is the game mode that you will be acquainted with, as Quick Race will be the first few races that you will have up until you can unlock the other options in the game.

fun run 3 game modes league

There are no differences in this game mode aside from the fact that it is the Main Rating of the player. Your Main Rating defines what skill level you currently are at, colloquially known as Leagues. There are six Leagues overall: Wood, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Elite. You start at the Wood League, and you slowly climb up the ranks. Your current standing also changes how many experiences you gain throughout the game.

Your current League and Ratings dictate your standing in the Fun Run World. Depending on how you perform in each race, you will either rise or drop. Winning a race will get your rating up. Ending up on the last race may have the chance to lower your rating (depending on your current standing and play through the race, of course). Placing at any other standing after the race depends on how well you’ve done in a race.

fun run 3 gameplay

However, leaving for a few days (or months, even) does not decay your rank. Once you get back to the game after a long break, you will still be at the same rank as you were. There is a notable difference once you reach for the stars in this game.

And as for Leagues, once you hit a rating of 60000 or higher, you are now eligible to compete in the League Seasons. Whatever you knew about the game will now be tested upon you. You will be separated from the boys and the men completely. These seasons last for 2 weeks, and the top 3 players will receive rewards, with the first gaining a gold skin for being at the top.

fun run 3 gameplay 2

When the League Season ends, your rating is set back to 60000, and a new season begins. Your rating acquired during the season is counted towards your legendary rating.

For the sake of convenience, here is a table that shows how many ratings you need to get up in the league and their following rewards.

League Rankings and Rewards

LeaguesRating RequiredRewards
Elite 1Highest Rating in the GameGold Skin + 500 Gems
Elite 22nd Highest Rating in the Game200 Gems
Elite 33rd Highest Rating in the Game100 Gems
Anything above this point is reset each League Season back to 60000.
Elite6000010x Experience Multiplier
Diamond I450009.0x Experience Multiplier
Diamond II360008.5x Experience Multiplier
Diamond III280008.0x Experience Multiplier
Diamond IV200007.5x Experience Multiplier
Diamond V140007.0x Experience Multiplier
Gold I100006.5x Experience Multiplier
Gold II70006.0x Experience Multiplier
Gold III55005.5x Experience Multiplier
Gold IV40005.0x Experience Multiplier
Gold V30004.5x Experience Multiplier
Silver I20004.0x Experience Multiplier
Silver II14003.5x Experience Multiplier
Silver III8003.0x Experience Multiplier
Silver IV4002.5x Experience Multiplier
Bronze I2002.0x Experience Multiplier
Bronze II801.5x Experience Multiplier
Wood01.0x Experience Multiplier

Cup Race

fun run 3 cup race

Cup Race is another game mode in which you compete against three other players, similar to that of Quick Race. However, there are more variable differences in Cup Race that make it different from Quick Race. A notable difference is that you now have to choose which of the 3 Cups you join. Of course, there is a minimum League Ranking requirement in joining a specific Cup, with the Bronze Cup being open to all of those who have unlocked the Cup Race.

Another thing to note is that you do not earn Ratings here similar to that of Quick Race. Instead, you gain Crowns which are given after every race finish. And unlike Ratings, you don’t lose Crowns and instead gain a portion of it depending on where you placed last during the race. This is made more apparent as there are only a set amount of races before a Cup ends, with each succeeding Cup having more races than the previous.

fun run 3 gameplay 3

Like League Seasons, they also have their version of it: the Cup Seasons. They start and end at the same time a League Season does its beginning and end. Similarly, you will be rewarded based on your standing. But unlike the Top 3 for the end of each season, it’s the Top 50 that do get the reward.

Those who have placed in the Top 5 have different reward mechanics, as the Top 1 will get all of the Top 1 to 5 rewards. Similarly, the Top 2 can only get the Top 2 to 5 rewards. After you have been rewarded, at the end of the season, you will now have to pick another Cup. You have the freedom to choose which Cup, as long as you have the rank for it.

fun run 3 gameplay 4

And, of course, you can only join one Cup at a time. There’s no way you can enter a Bronze Cup, pawn everyone in it, and then move on to the higher Cup. You’ll have to wait until the end of the Cup season before you can join another Cup.

As for the rewards depending on one’s rank, here they are in a table:

Crown Placement Based on Crowns Won

Cup RankBronze CupSilver CupGold Cup

Entering any of the cups costs the following, with their max amount of races:

• Bronze Cup: 2500 Coins, 75 Races

• Silver Cup: 10000 Coins, 150 Races

• Gold Cup: 30000 Coins, 300 Races

Arena Race

fun run 3 arena overview

The first two revolve around rankings and ratings. The Arena? This time, it’s much, much different. Compared to the previous two game modes, Arena stands out as being far more brutal in its playing. While you could stand to lose to rankings and such, you only have a few limited tries in playing Arena before you’re considered out. How exactly can you be out?

fun run 3 arena 1

As indicated by its name, Arena pits you against 8 players, and you can be eliminated if you are the last person to arrive at a checkpoint. The goal is very simple at that point: stay ahead or be mutilated alive by a saw blade. Each time you get eliminated, a strike gets added to your run. You only have 3 strikes before you’re considered out. You can do the math on that.

fun run 3 arena 2

To complete said Arena Run, you have to win 12 races, place in the Top 3, or lose 3 times (as stated earlier). Each win you get in the Arena Run upgrades the chest that you currently have and will be rewarded to you when you finish a run, even if you won your 12th race or got eliminated 3 times. These chests contain XP, Gems, and Items.

In short? You better start winning to get those prizes.

fun run 3 bunny arena

What makes Arena unique is that it rotates between themes. Instead of picking maps before the start of the race, a season and theme is selected on Wednesdays and Saturdays (in-game time, of course). These seasons randomly switch from Tropical, Farmlands, Space, Volcano, Winterlands, Desert, and Toyland.

fun run 3 arena 4

At the end of each arena race, you also gain Trophies depending on your place in the game. You don’t lose Trophies; only gain them. And to become the Grand Champion, you have to earn the most amount of Trophies in the Arena’s season. Yes, the Arena also has a season of its own, and Trophies will be reset at the start of a new season. Don’t fret if you do lose an Arena Run; your Trophies will be saved up until said new season.

fun run 3 eliminated

Being the Grand Champion in all themes will grant you the Mythical Golden Lion Skin, aside from the Grand Champion Reward that you get in a season.

In the following table, we show you how many trophies you get depending on your placement. The current Tier you are in on your current Run of the Arena in the season affects the amount you get. Here it is:

Trophy Rewards Depending on Tier

PositionTrophies Earned
No TierBronze TierSilver TierGold Tier

Clan Battle

fun run 3 clan battle

To participate in a Clan Battle, you need a friend who is also a member of the same clan you are in. Clan Battles act similarly to Quick Races… except they are far more chaotic because of the 2v2 setting. In this game mode, you will be fighting another clan with two members wanting your blood and a win.

You are ranked based on the average of both of your current League Ratings. During the match, you can see who is your ally or not, as well as what Powerup your ally brings during the run.

fun run 3 clan battle 2

While you may think that being in a 2v2 setting allows you to take advantage of an ally, there is also another risk involved in it. Clan Battles allow friendly fire, meaning that anything that you throw at your opponent can also be thrown at your partner. This means that any Lightning Bolt or Trap will kill them, just as your traps can kill you as well.

Winning a Clan Battle nets, you Experience as well as League Rating.

Custom Race

fun run 3 turbo tunnels

Unlike the rest of the game modes, Custom Race stands on its own. You can either play with your friends, with bots, or by yourself. You can set what map you can go in without any restrictions or set it randomly for the thrill of it. However, you cannot gain a Rating or XP from this mode. This also extends to Quests.

This is a good mode if you ever just want to play with your friends. But be mindful that whatever you have in your current standing in the game is what you will only have. If your higher-ranked friend joins, you go get the perks that he has, though that doesn’t give him much of an advantage as opposed to some things.

fun run 3 custom race

This mode acts best as a practice map, and there is a tip in which we discuss more of this.


fun run 3 power-ups 1

Fun Run 3 changes the racing formula with a hint of randomness with it: powerups. Similar to Garfield Kart, you gain a power-up whenever your player character hits a red block during its run. They are random, but they are randomized only from a set of 8 powerups that you have selected in the shop.

Depending on your game mode, you will also start with a power-up. The following game modes give you the following powerups at the start:

• Quick Race

• Cup Race

• Clan Battle

fun run 3 power-ups 2

If you get hit by a power-up, the effects will vary depending on their description. And if you do get hit, your player character obtains an invulnerability state that lasts for a few seconds. In that state, you are invulnerable to all types of powerups, including any of the ones that you have sent to the front or back. After that, you are vulnerable to anything that anyone, including your own, throws at you.

For a list of all powerups, it’s in the Tips and Tricks section picking which powerups to choose from.


fun run 3 maps

Maps are the locations where a race can occur, with each differing in layout and themes. Maps with a specific theme tend to have an overarching mechanic. For example, the Nature Maps, the first maps that you will play in, have mushrooms that you can bounce on. Toyland Maps have cannons that you can use to boost yourself.

As of the current version, there are 8 themes to choose from, with the following gimmicks:

• Nature Maps – Mushroom Pads

• Toyland Maps – Cannon Boosts

• Volcano Maps – Uplifting Steam Drafts

• Tropical Maps – Swimming Sections

• Farmland Maps – Mushroom Pads and Verticality

• Snowy Maps – Slippery Ice and Cannon Boosts

• Desert Maps – Extreme Verticality and Routes

• Space Maps – Portals

fun run 3 maps 2

Maps have conveyor belts that speed up the player depending on where they are pointed. If they are on the ground, it will propel a player forward. If it is on a wall, the player is then immediately pushed up to the sky in an instant. This conveyor belt boost lasts for a second, and chaining conveyor belts allows you to keep momentum.

Arena Maps, however, are different in layout and have checkpoints that eliminate players if they are the ones to reach it last. They are also longer than regular maps due to the amount of competition that you have to deal with.

General Tips And Tricks


fun run 3 tips overview

Fun Run 3’s simple mechanics have a deep, intrinsic gameplay that rewards you for smart and meticulous planning. Despite how randomized things can get, you can still get a win from the controlled chaos whenever you try to get an advantage of what you have. The question is: what do you have, and what do you need to get the better edge?

In this section of our beginner’s guide for Fun Run 3, we explore how we can be the better player in every race. We might not be guaranteed the best outcome all the time due to the randomness of the game, but we can get what we can out of it. The following tips will help you be a consistent winning player regardless of the outcome.

So, let’s jump right into the fray and get your A-Game on!

Log In Daily for Reward, Daily XP Bank, and Quests

fun run 3 daily rewards

From the words of an experienced player: no pain, no gain. If you don’t race all the time, chances are you’ll lag behind everyone else.

While there is no stamina system in the game, Fun Run 3 rewards you for actively playing the game as long as you are playing it at a quota. This said quota is, of course, the Quests that you do as well as the numerous game mode seasons that you have to keep track of in the game. If you keep doing these quotas, you’ll gain more rewards as a result.

fun run 3 daily quests

First of all, are the quests. These Quests are missions that you have to do that relate to what game mode you go to. These missions can either be killing many racers, winning a few sets of races, or completing a set amount of races in a day. They are doable within half an hour’s worth of gameplay, and they give you Experience and Paws in return.

Because of this, Quests are your primary source of Experience and Paws. Once you are out of Quests, you are good for that day. You still can, however, play for Experience, though for only limited amounts of it. You have to wait for a day, at most, for Quests to be refreshed, thus allowing you to get more Paws.

fun run 3 runner's road rewards

Keep this streak up to get the best out of the game. There’s no penalty in leaving a quest as is, as the game still keeps track of it even when you’re out for a day or two. However, because of the nature of Quests in that they have to take a day to refresh, the better course of action is to just play every day to get the most rewards.

After all, no one can say no to more Powerup unlocks as well as Runner Pass rewards.

fun run 3 daily xp bank rewards

Another thing is the Daily XP Bank. Compared to the quests, you get more out of it if you continue playing for that day. How many races you play per day would be up to you, but the more you play, the more XP you can gain from the bank. We would advise you against playing the game too much, as it can negatively impact a few things in your life.

fun run 3 spin to win

Play as much as you need to get what you want, but at a limit. Of course, you can take advantage of the purchases that would allow you to get 150% or 800% more of the game. Still, we would also advise you against buying said purchases. What you do per day is enough compared to having a spend a few dollars that could’ve gone to something else.

Practice the Maps

fun run 3 practice

If you’ve played racing games before, then one of the best ways to win a match isn’t just having the best equipment and gear—it’s to understand what track you are playing in. In all of the randomness that powerups provide, maps give you the advantage if you ever know the best routes possible to use said abilities.

Custom Race is a good way to practice your abilities on the map without any hindrance. Learn where the conveyor belts are, where the gimmicks are, and where the powerups pickups are set. You may lag behind in the match because of a few well-timed powerups, but you can also take back the lead if you know which way to go.

Learning a map is crucial at higher ranks, as those at the top tend to find the best route in no time. If you know your way, chances are any traps they set against you will fail as you reach for first place.

Pick the Best Powerups

fun run 3 power-ups tips

To be the best means to get the best arsenal and Experience. Fun Run 3 is no different from any other racing game. However, unlike other racing games, you can choose which ability can suit your needs as well as harm those that you deem your foes. In this section of the beginner’s guide, we discuss one by one which powerups can be good for you… or bad enough to make your enemies win instead.


Personally, picking the best powerups all boils down to personal preference and how you play the game. In this case, we’d prefer to get ones that make us get out of anyone’s sight immediately before they can get a chance to… even if we end up not shielding ourselves from any other players. It’s risky, but it’s a strategy anyone can abide by.

What you will pick here will be on your own, but we’ll be making sure that you know the pros and cons of what you’re going to pick. So, let’s get right into the fray and make fellow racer’s day worse!

Powerup Pros, Cons, and Requirements


fun run 3 power-up sawblade

Price and Requirements: None

A classic sawblade that slices & dices.

One of the first things that you obtain, the sawblade shreds through opponents with ease. It has a long use duration that makes it spin, bounce, and destroy throughout the field. Even if you cast it in the front, the right use—and knowledge of a map—ensures it is sent back to the opponents lagging behind you. This allows for a quick and easy win.

Because it is the first Powerup in your arsenal, alongside the first 8 ones, the sawblade becomes one of the fundamental assets you can have on the field. It’s simple, it’s effective, and it does its job well.

Final Verdict: A good powerup that lasts even at the highest of ranks.


fun run 3 power-up explosives

Price and Requirements: 400 coins and Level 3

Throw 3 pieces of dynamite ahead of you. They explode on contact killing all players in the area!

When it says it throws 3 pieces of dynamite, it does so in an arc and quick succession. That means you have to aim for your opponent, and it is likely not the best tool you have when you’re in low-ceiling quarters. On the bright side, you’re not affected by your explosives. It does have its perks, but it is not a power-up to be used in all maps.

Final Verdict: A decent powerup that is situational at best.


fun run 3 power-up anvil

Price and Requirements: 4000 coins and Level 8

A large, deadly weight that kills the targeted player. Be careful; you might hit yourself! Changes target every second.

It sucks, though. Because of how slow the anvil falls on a player (including you), it’s easy to immediately have countermeasures before it strikes you. That, and its random nature, isn’t a reliable substitute for any other powerup. There is a 75% chance they will die and a 25% chance for you to die. It’s all in luck, but are you willing to risk?

Final Verdict: A lackluster powerup that puts up more air than a bang when it hits a player.

Big Ripper

fun run 3 power-up big ripper

Price and Requirements: 4000 coins and Level 14

Enormous sawblade that you will see coming.

Because of its size, mastery of the current map is a must. It deploys right on your location, and nothing is stopping it from also killing you. Its size will also turn other ways into death traps, thus allowing you to score more kills if you send it at the right angle. Effective, monstrous, savage. The Big Ripper demands your full attention.

Final Verdict: A great powerup to replace the sawblade with.

Cruise Missile

fun run 3 power-up cruise missile

Price and Requirements: 4000 coins and Level 17

Launched from the Baltic Destroyer, NCC Blue Bear. It will target the race leader, or second place if you are leading, with a huge explosion.

For a fun race for cute animals, a cruise missile seems like an overkill option, right? But you’d have to consider that anyone is just willing to send lightning bolts, sawblades, or explosive traps at you. If you know what a blue shell is, then the Cruise Missile is the definitive version of it. Your only countermeasure against it is a force shield.

Most would be turned off by this Powerup due to its long time to kill (it calls off a siren to its target, of course). However, it is the same as the anvil but far more useful to your arsenal. It doesn’t target you, after all. Why pick something funny when you can have something that reminds your opponents to always have a shield just to counter this? It won’t be funny for those in the first place, though. Or the one behind you as you race to the finish as the first place.

Final Verdict: A good power-up that reminds players of their PTSD on blue shells.


fun run 3 power-up gun

Price and Requirements: 4000 coins and Level 21

Shoots and kills the targeted player when fired. Use with caution; the target might be you! Changes target every half second.

A race is not a race without a competitor with a gun. This malicious weapon points a buckshot at your intended target that cycles through however its target will be. That also includes you. It may look like a bad weapon similar to the anvil, but its quick firing makes it a good power-up in your arsenal. You can also target anyone easily, and you can avoid being your target.

Final Verdict: A great power-up to shoot your enemy’s legs with.

Lil’ Ripper

fun run 3 power-up lil ripper

Price and Requirements: 4000 coins and Level 24

A tiny and extra-fast sawblade. Can pass through tiny gaps and chase enemies where they thought they were safe.

The little brother of the sawblade, this small death machine can be an opponent’s worst nightmare. Due to its decreased size and fast speed, spotting one is hard unless you focus intently on the field, making counterplay extremely hard. Which is, overall, highly unlikely as you’ll be brutalized by this thing. The fact that it can also pass through small gaps makes it a better upgrade.

Final Verdict: A great powerup that demands an enemy’s respect.


fun run 3 power-up roulette

Price and Requirements: 4000 coins and Level 27

Changes target every quarter second. Anticipate the pattern to shoot the player you want to kill and gain a small extra boost. Miss and you might kill yourself. Are you willing to take the chance?

Don’t dismiss it as even worse than an Anvil, as it is a better variant of the Gun powerup. If you get a good shot with this Powerup, you also get a speed boost in return. While it is hard to cycle through this weapon and find the right target, which isn’t you, the payoff is the speed that you get in return. That, and you can consistently get better at firing with this Powerup.

Final Verdict: A great powerup to see if you’re favored by lady luck herself.

Bouncy Sawblade

fun run 3 power-up bouncy sawblade

Price and Requirements: 4000 coins and Level 29

An extra lively sawblade that bounces around and kills anyone in its path.

It would be a good substitute for the dull saw blade if it weren’t for the fact of how bouncy it gets. Even with the mastery of a map, it tends to be uncontrollable once unleashed. It’s even messier when you send it flying on a tight corridor, as it is a surefire way to get yourself killed in an instant. Its only upside is that the enemies behind you will also contend with this Powerup.

Final Verdict: A decent power-up that ruins your mood and your opponents.

The Beam

fun run 3 power-up beam

Price and Requirements: Prestige 1, Level 5

A horizontal beam that kills anything it touches.

It sounds good on paper the moment you see it used in the field. This Powerup is laughably mediocre, as you have all the time in the world to dodge it. You have to time it right if you want to use this Powerup. Otherwise, it is a waste of your power-up slot. The Beam would be better if it were faster rather than just aligned to your player’s y-position.

Final Verdict: A lackluster power-up that needs more speed to be faster for a light beam.


fun run 3 power-up vengeance

Price and Requirements: Prestige 1, Level 10

Fire a homing projectile as revenge on the Runner that last hit you with a power-up. If there’s no revenge target, a target will be chosen at random.

A good on-paper powerup, but the benefit of it is only vengeance—as the Powerup’s name describes. The homing projectile ensures that you can still get something worthwhile from the Powerup, but it’s mediocre as it tends to be slow. Even the cruise missile purposefully hinders; this only pettily does so to its target.

Final Verdict: A lackluster powerup; pick the Cruise Missile instead of this.

Bear Trap

fun run 3 power-up bear trap

Price and Requirements: None

Falls to the ground and kills anyone who steps on it.

One of the starting powerups in your arsenal, the Bear Trap is a simple, cruel that players have to look out for. The Bear Trap shines on areas with foliage or cover, as well as deploying it on small gaps. If you’re the leading player in the race, chances are you’ll always get a kill whenever you place this thing at the right spot.

Final Verdict: A great powerup that still shines even at the end of your racing career.

Explosive Trap

fun run 3 power-up explosion trap

Price and Requirements: 50 coins and Level 2

A floating trap that explodes and kills all players in the area!

Instead of a trap that sticks to the ground, the Explosive Trap floats midair and waits for its target. Because of this, you now have more options on where to place it. The only downside to this trap is that it can only be activated once. But given that it is an explosion that can take out multiple racers, what’s there to not have?

Final Verdict: A great powerup when placed correctly, causing mayhem on the field.

Bounce Trap

fun run 3 power-up bounce trap

Price and Requirements: 2000 coins and Level 7

Players who hit this trap will be shoved back with a powerful punch!

An easy assumption for a powerup like the Bounce Trap is that it’s better off left aside. But in a game that values being at the front first and foremost, pushing back a speeding player is a small win. It sticks to the ground like a bear trap. Getting hit by this trap resets any momentum (unless it makes you invisible), thus making this a wonderful anti-comeback tool.

Final Verdict: A must-have powerup that gives you a bit of an edge.

Sawblade Trap

fun run 3 power-up sawblade trap

Price and Requirements: 4000 coins and Level 13

A vicious sawblade that sticks to the ground where it lands, killing any player who comes in contact with it!

Another powerup that is good on paper but bad in execution. Compared to other traps, the Sawblade Trap requires you to throw it before you can use it. With that short time, you could’ve killed another player with a spontaneous Bear or Bounce Trap. Even if it’s hard to dodge once deployed, neck-on-neck races tend to be the norm in this game. Thus, making this trap worse than the other.

Final Verdict: A lackluster power-up that would’ve been better if it was deployed on the ground instantly.


fun run 3 power-up beehive

Price and Requirements: 4000 coins and Level 19

Releases a swarm of bees as it hits the grounds, making players faint!

It’s annoying to have bees swarming around you in real life. The inverse is what it is in Fun Run. Instead of a terrifying powerup that demands your constant attention, it is a laughable Powerup that requires a few seconds to kill a player and a second to deploy it. It’s easy to dodge when you see one being thrown forward.

Final Verdict: A lackluster powerup that makes a terrifying insect a joke.


fun run 3 power-up bouncer

Price and Requirements: 15000 coins and Level 25

Sucker punch your enemies away with this box!

Imagine the Bounce Trap. Now, imagine that in midair. Then, imagine it being able to forcefully send any player flying in 4 directions (depending on where they are placed in the bouncer). It sounds bad, but chances are they’ll always be at the back end of a Bouncer trap. What’s even worse? Compared to the Bounce Trap, it sends them flying backward. This is a powerful power-up in races where climbing is a must.

Final Verdict: A must-have powerup to ruin someone’s run.

Electrocution Web

fun run 3 power-up electrocution web

Price and Requirements: 15000 coins and Level 28

A floating trap that spawns an electrocution web that makes players unable to move for 1.5 seconds!

It’s a floating trap that grabs any unsuspecting players in its web for about 1.5 seconds. In a game where it only takes a minute to finish a race, taking the player out for 1.5 seconds instantly puts you in the lead. You still need to activate it properly, however, as there is a lull when using it immediately. But when you’re in the lead, chances are no one’s gonna get to you.

Final Verdict: A good power-up that puts you on the lead even more when used correctly.


fun run 3 power-up speed

Price and Requirements: None

Instant speed boost plus increased acceleration and top speed for 4 seconds!

One of the starting powerups in your arsenal, the Speed powerup, is a good match to your starting kit. If you have mastered a map, and you don’t bump into things all the time, you’ll always be running the first place in no time. It does end when you get hit by an opponent; such is the thing for speed-centric powerups.

Final Verdict: A good powerup that still scales well at higher ranks.

Rocket Dash

fun run 3 power-up rocket dash

Price and Requirements: 1000 coins and Level 5

An instantaneous boost of speed!

Reminiscent of the Soldier of TF2’s rocket-jumping shenanigans, Rocket Dashing is essentially that. It gives you a good vertical jump with a quick boost of speed. It is still a good powerup overall but falls short once you get other powerups. It is, however, great on maps with a lot of verticality in them, and practice makes it a good powerup nonetheless.

Final Verdict: A good situational powerup to scale through large gaps and walls.

Sticky Speed

fun run 3 power-up sticky speed

Price and Requirements: 4000 coins and Level 11

A speed boost that lasts for 6 seconds and even sticks through death!

One of the only speed boosts that don’t die when you get killed, the Sticky Speed is an annoying power-up at the hands of the right opponent. Even if you kill them, chances are they still keep the momentum they have on the field. Once you do get better speed-centric powerups, the Sticky Speed loses its place on the arsenal slot. That doesn’t mean it’s bad… even if it’s a bit slower.

Final Verdict: A decent powerup to power through insanity.

Speed Burst

fun run 3 power-up speed burst

Price and Requirements: 4000 coins and Level 18

A powerful speed boost that lasts for 1 second! Smash into a wall, and you die.

After all of the times we’ve said about ‘good on paper, bad in execution,’ you’d think this is the case for the Speed Burst. Surprisingly, it’s the opposite. If you have proper knowledge of a map, the Speed Burst becomes one of the most broken powerups in the game. Yes, it’s 1 second. Yes, it kills you if you hit a wall. But the breakneck speeds it gives you outweigh anything negative about it.

Final Verdict: A must-have powerup to get back in a losing race.


fun run 3 power-up afterburner

Price and Requirements: 10000 coins and Level 22

A long speed boost with a kick in the end!

And after that comes one that is good on paper and bad in execution. The Afterburner speed boost acts like a normal Speed Boost, but it gives you that edge if you survive at the end of the boost. Take note of the survival part, as you’ll be more likely to lose the Powerup if you die in another part of the game.

Final Verdict: A decent power-up if you can survive using it.

Jumpy Speed

fun run 3 power-up jumpy speed

Price and Requirements: 15000 coins and Level 26

Run with normal speed, but propel forward when jumping.

This is a rather tricky speed-centric powerup to use. When you activate it on the ground, it does nothing. But as soon as you jump, it acts like you’ve done bunny-hopping in an FPS game. Given its duration, you have to constantly be jumping just to have that speed boost. And in some maps, you wouldn’t want to jump in some parts, to begin with.

Final Verdict: An awkward powerup to use, especially given its case.

Phase Dash

fun run 3 power-up phase dash

Price and Requirements: Prestige 2, Level 15

Leave this dimension for a moment, becoming invincible while dashing forward.

What’s better? Being fast or being invincible? Why not both? Phase Dash takes the best of both worlds and gives you a big 2-in-1 in the form of this Powerup. Considering how many enemies racers tend to throw powerups all the time, having a brief moment of invincibility and speed allows you to power through a match.

Final Verdict: A great power-up in the heat of the moment.


fun run 3 power-up shield

Price and Requirements: None

Protection from all attacks for 4 seconds!

One of the starting powerups in your arsenal, the Shield is a welcome addition to the carnage that is an enemy player’s trigger-happy finger. Once you get the Shield (and be first place during the run), you can stay safe, knowing you have secured at least 4 seconds without harm. It gets outshined by other powerups later on, but it is still the old reliable one you have.

Final Verdict: A good power-up that keeps you safe until you get the better ones.


Price and Requirements: None

fun run 3 power-up stealth

Makes you invisible to your enemies! Lasts for 6 seconds or until it has blocked one attack. You also run slightly faster.

Being invisible is no joke. It makes you immune to some attacks (like Lightning or Gun) and makes you run slightly fast. It lasts longer than your normal Shield, and your opponent can’t just willingly use their Powerup on empty air. It will disappear if you get in contact with an attack or a trap, but a skillful player can get the most out of this.

Final Verdict: A great power-up to sneak your way to victory.

Heavy Shield

fun run 3 power-up heavy shield

Price and Requirements: 4000 coins and Level 12

Protects from all attacks for 7 seconds. You’ll be safe, but the Shield will also slow you down!

This time, it’s different. It’s completely bad in everything. The point of a race is to be quick. The Heavy Shield completely nullifies your speed and does so for 7 seconds. Is there a point in being safe knowing that you’ll be constantly ravaged by powerups anyway later on? Still, 7 seconds of being slow means being dragged behind by this worthless tool.

Final Verdict: The worst Powerup in the game. Period.


fun run 3 power-up balloon

Price and Requirements: 4000 coins and Level 16

Protects against a single attack before it pops!

It’s just one balloon in your hand. But this balloon acts as an additional life to your player character. If they get hit by any attack or trap, they will not be stopped in place. If you’re skillful enough, you can essentially have this up until the end of the game… when someone decides to strike you from afar.

Final Verdict: A great powerup to bring with, literally.

Fiery Shield

fun run 3 power-up fiery shield

Price and Requirements: 10000 coins and Level 23

A blazing combo of a shield and a speed boost, lasting for 3 seconds!

If you know about Phase Dash powerup, this is its shield powerup equivalent. The Fiery Shield not only protects you from harm but gives you a free speed boost. Even if it only lasts for 3 seconds, that moment is enough to gain an advantage. No one can harm you; no one can stop you. A perfect combination for a perfect power-up.

Final Verdict: A must-have power-up in the heat of battle.

Speed Balloon

fun run 3 power-up speed balloon

Price and Requirements: Prestige 2, Level 5

A volatile balloon that only lasts one second. When blocking a hit, it explodes, giving the user a speed boost.

As it says, the Speed Balloon is good only in the right hands. Considering the chaotic nature of the game, activating it at the right moment allows you to escape death while getting a boost in the race. That doesn’t mean you’re not at the mercy of other powerups, but hey. If you’re already far ahead, this Powerup only ensures your win.

Final Verdict: A skill-based powerup that can give you a win.

Chrono Shield

fun run 3 power-up chrono shield

Price and Requirements: Prestige 3, Level 15

A shield that lasts 2 seconds. Each Powerup blocked by it adds time to its lifetime.

2 seconds. 2 seconds. If you take into account that everyone deploys sawblades (including you), you can get ~6 seconds of shielding overall. But on an average scale, it doesn’t bring much to the table. However, this Shield shines more when it’s on the Arena, as 8 players can bump up the period of your Shield.

Final Verdict: A must-have arena power-up. Anywhere else? Decent.


fun run 3 power-up lightning

Price and Requirements: None

Summons a lighting storm that kills all other players!

A definition of a must-have powerup. It kills all enemy racers at all distances and can be activated almost immediately. What’s not to love with this Powerup? The fact that it’s one of the very first powerups you get in your arsenal is insane. Yes, you may have newer ones in its category, but Lightning defines its category.

Final Verdict: A must-have powerup. Become the scourge.


fun run 3 power-up blizzard

Price and Requirements: 4000 coins and Level 9

A blizzard freezes all other players into ice cubes, making them slide around helplessly for 3 seconds!

It’s like the Lightning powerup, except getting hit turns you into a block of ice. It should stop you, right? Nope. If you use Blizzard on someone who is going down a front slope, chances are they become faster than you. Given how physics is a thing in this game, it can be turned into an advantage. Not that it removes any other perks it has.

Final Verdict: A good power-up when timed right.

Sucker Punch

fun run 3 power-up sucker punch

Price and Requirements: Prestige 1, Level 15

Punch all other players, sending them flying forward. If they hit a wall, they get smashed.

It’s as bad as the heavy Shield. Chances are, you’ll send more players flying to the finish line than them getting smashed into a wall. Even if you take into account where they are right now, those are pretty small chances.

Final Verdict: A bad power-up overall. Helps more than it harms.

Drone Bombs

fun run 3 power-up drone bombs

Price and Requirements: Prestige 2, Level 25

Attach bombs to the other players that explode after some time.

It’s like Lightning, but now explosive! And that’s right, that means everyone in the match becomes a potential bomb that everyone has to avoid… if not themselves as well. However, that also means you are at the mercy of them as well, as their bombs can also hurt you. It takes a few seconds to kill racers, giving you ample time to at least dodge their impending doom.

Final Verdict: A good power-up if they don’t lunge at you as well.


fun run 3 power-up magnet

Price and Requirements: None

Pulls all players toward you!

Yes, this is one of the few powerups you get at the start. The Magnet stays relevant throughout your play of Fun Run 3. It will never shrink in value, and it becomes even worse when you’re on pits and slopes. They get dragged back in the same mud as you are, and it makes their day worse. You can’t say no to the Magnet’s potential.

Final Verdict: A must-have powerup to ruin your opponent’s run.

Shrink Ray

fun run 3 power-up shrink ray

Price and Requirements: 4000 coins and Level 10

Shrinks all other players and makes them run slower for 4 seconds!

The description doesn’t justify how annoying this Powerup is when used. Not only are you shrunken to size, but your movement speed is also slowed as a stack. That means your time is slower than you are supposed to. 4 seconds of this thing can mean a run-over when used correctly.

Final Verdict: A great powerup to belittle them.

Oil Spill

fun run 3 power-up oil spill

Price and Requirements: 10000 coins and Level 20

An oil spill that makes it hard for other players to see where they are running.

Having a power-up that floods half of your enemy’s screen with oil can be a lifesaver. Most would argue that it is a powerful newbie trap and doesn’t work on veterans. They usually forget the argument of setting traps, which can be far more brutal when you are dead last. If you remember the map, good. If not, good luck with whatever they just set around the field.

Final Verdict: A great power-up to change the pace of the match.

Lock and Chain

fun run 3 power-up lock and chain

Price and Requirements: Prestige 1, Level 25

Magical chains tie all players up so that they are unable to use their powerups for a time.

Another powerup that sounds good on paper but bad in execution. It blocks the other players from using their powerups but said powerups are still there. The only thing that you’ve done is to delay the inevitable, as they would cast Lightning as soon as they can. It would be insanely better if it blocks them from having a new powerup when under the effects of this Powerup.

Final Verdict: A bad power-up that only delays the inevitable.

Thrown Magnet

fun run 3 power-up thrown magnet

Price and Requirements: Prestige 3, Level 5

Throw a magnetic device forward. Upon activation, it pulls all players toward it.

This Powerup is trickier than it seems. You throw the Magnet and watch as it gravitates you to its spot. This may help your opponents if they are behind you. But if you’re dead last and suddenly you get this Powerup… you get the overall picture. This acts as a more situational speed boost, at best, a dead-weight tool when you’re at the front.

Final Verdict: A situational power-up that makes everyone feel irritated.

And that’s all there is to look out for! In the end, powerups can still be good when you use them correctly. Similar to how Chrono Shield benefits more in Arena than in other matches. That doesn’t negate the bad reputation some powerups do, like the Heavy Shield. Find the right ones, and you can have a field day when you finally race once more.

However, if you are still undecided, fret not! We have three select sets to choose from for those who can just pick what Powerup they want to use.

Set 1 – Screw it, We’re Balling:

• Gun

• Bouncer

• Speed Burst

• Roulette

• Shield

• Fiery Shield

• Lightning Bolt

• Shrink Ray

Set 2 – All On Luck:

• Roulette

• Bounce Trap

• Bouncer

• Speed Burst

• Shield

• Fiery Shield

• Lightning Bolt

• Shrink Ray

Set 3 – Calculated Victory:

• Gun

• Bounce Trap

• Bouncer

• Speed Burst

• Shield

• Fiery Shield

• Lightning Bolt

• Shrink Ray

fun run 3 power-ups tips 2

Phew and that’s all done! It makes you question—how come this tip is longer than any of the other tips. The good answer that I could give you is how many powerups can make you break your run in a game. Having the wrong Powerup at the wrong time can make you lose the game.

Now that you have a basic idea as to what to do, what should you aim for in Fun Run 3?

Join an Active Clan for Rewards

fun run 3 hints

An active clan not only gives you friends to play with but also bonuses that you can earn that elevate your play. On the off-chance that you join a clan that has Clan Supporter modifiers, you can gain more Experience in the said clan as the following XP Modifiers stack. There’s no shame in joining a whale clan—you benefit more from their expenses than anything.

Another reason is that Clan Challenges exist. Clan Challenges are Clan-centric quests that all members have to contribute. Given its nature, it’s just single-player missions but at a larger scale, with larger numbers to deal with. If your clanmates are active all the time, you’ll get more rewards from said Clan Challenges.

Plus, being in an active clan allows you to play in the eponymous Clan Battle. It’s hard to find teammates, much less clan members, willing to butt heads at another clan. This is your only ticket into playing a much more chaotic game mode than the standard Quick Play.

Watch Ads to Gain More Rewards

gaining more rewards in fun run 3

Ads are the bane of existence for some players out there. You’re more likely to be forced to watch 30-second unskippable ads to your displeasure. However, try to change your thoughts about ads as soon as I explain to you why this tip is relevant to your continued run in Fun Run 3.

Watching ads in Fun Run 3 is one of the few ways to get more bonuses in your rewards. These are the following bonuses that you can obtain should you watch ads:

• XP Boosts

• Gem Rewards

• Post-Game Coin Reward

• Delay Arena Loss

fun run 3 xp boost

The XP Boost is non-trivial; it is one of the boosts explained in the Overview. A 1.5x Boost for free just by watching an ad is worth more than an XP Potion that costs 50 gems. These gems are already hard to obtain, even in normal play. So, having a free option as opposed to one that you have to pay for 3 days’ worth is an optimal strategy.

In the menu is also the ability to watch ads to gain gems, with it being alongside the XP Boost ad. Getting 3~10 Gems per ad outweighs any downsides to watching ads, and this bonus will always be present every day. If you do so, you will have enough gems to finally get a Runner Pass to ignore it… or get more out of your habit.

fun run 3 ranking

There’s also the matter of getting coin rewards post-game. You don’t get it immediately; you have to watch an ad to do so. Since it always comes occasionally, getting coins on some races can be beneficial to you.

fun run 3 arena run

And finally, if you ever play Arena all the time, watching ads makes sure that you can continue your streak without having to spend for a Gold Arena Pass, a few gems, or a large number of coins. After all, what are a few seconds to possibly a large number of Gems?

Spend Your Coins On Powerups First

fun run 3 runner's road tips

While you may be tempted to spend your coins on cosmetics first, try to consider using them elsewhere. If you came from the 4th tip that we’ve given, then this may also be the best time to remind you about something as well.

Spend your coins on powerups first. As much as there are ads or the Runner’s Road to give you more coins, chances are you’ll have less and less of it as soon as you need to rank up to get more Experience for the Runner’s Pass. Don’t rely much on ads as well, as they can become sparse the more you play the game at times.

With that out of the way, what else?

Aim High and Have Fun (And Crush Your Friends)!

fun run 3 dragon arena victory

While there is a competitive atmosphere in Fun Run 3, it’s not as sweatily intensive as other games inclined itself too. Try to be your very best every game, and you’ll get more enjoyment out of it instead of having to worry about everything. Besides, playing more will get you more Experience, thus allowing you to be more comfortable.

As this game isn’t as intensive, it allows you to learn faster and adapt quicker. You don’t need to think much to get to the top; it’s just a matter of whether or not you’re willing to play your very best. And that’s why, importantly… have fun!

And if you do drag some friends along… well, that’s on you whether you want to crush them or not!


fun run 3 wins

And that’s all there is to Fun Run 3! The game won’t ever go stale as it is constantly updated with more maps, and its powerups ensure that you have a different outcome in every match. If you’re willing to go the distance and reach for the top, then know that you have my full support… especially if you’ve read this beginner’s guide.

Not only that, we hope that you have enjoyed reading this guide! More races await you in the league. Give yourself some time in it, and watch as the guide you’ve read will improve you in the long run. Considering how fast races can be as well, Fun Run 3 is a wonderful companion to kill time when you’re on the go.

If there is anything else that you may add to this guide, please bring it up to the comment section down below so we can include a few more tips, tricks, and strategies in this article.

Don’t wait for us, racer! You still have a big race to win!