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Fun Run 2 Cheats: 5 Awesome Tips to Help You Become the Best Racer

Fun Run 2 is the sequel to Dirtybit’s extremely popular Fun Run title and while the mechanics of the new game resemble those of the original title, the developer has promised “all new levels, (new) characters, and lots of new swag.” Again, you can go up against your friends or other “random” players, and while the forest creatures in this game are still cute, the ways to get rid of them are still as brutal as ever. And you’ll often need to do that, as the goal remains the same – finish first and beat your fellow forest critters. That said, here’s our list of Fun Run 2 tips and tricks to help you keep on reaching the finish line before everyone else.

1. Power-Ups Are Key To Victory

Again, you’ll have a chance to use a number of power-ups in this new sequel and we shall be enumerating each of them and what they do. The sawblades are back, and they will once again slice any opponent that they hit, but also bounce off walls and go the opposite way. On the other hand, Thunder can take out multiple opponents, and that means you too – this may require having the shield power-up. The bear trap also returns, and it kills anyone who runs into it.

The fun doesn’t stop there, as you’ve got a variety of other options against your opponents in the races. You can fire a rifle once you see a red crosshair moving around your opponents, use the rocket to give yourself a generous speed boost (be careful not to use it too long, as it can explode and kill you!) and use the boxing glove or magnet to punch or drag opponents back a bit. Lastly, the balloon can serve as a permanent shield once you’ve gotten this power-up.

2. Don’t Use Your Starting Power-Up Right Away

All players get a power-up to start the game, but you shouldn’t rush into using them unless you really need to. But there are exceptions, of course, such as using a balloon or a shield for instant defense in case someone (usually a human player) tries to get sneaky and take you out immediately.

3. Memorize The Layout Of Levels

You’ll go through a number of different levels, but the good thing here is that they’re not randomized. This gives you a chance to play and replay them to familiarize yourself with the layout, and know where the power-ups are located.

4. Jumping Too Much Slows You Down

Jumping around in Fun Run 2, as it was in the first game, is fun. But jumping too much, like it is in the original Fun Run, will slow you down considerably and may even force you to miss certain power-ups. Save your jumping for those obstacles and traps and you should be fine.

5. Play Multiplayer On Wi-Fi

The real fun in Fun Run 2 is playing against other human players, may they be your friends or people from other parts of the world. Dirtybit has improved multiplayer on the new game, but there are still times that 3G connections can get dodgy. That makes it better for you to play over a good Wi-Fi connection, so as to reduce the chance of random deaths and abnormally quirky and fast opponents.