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Fun Kid Racing Magic Forest Guide: 13 Tips & Tricks Every Player Should Know

Fun Kid Racing Magic Forest is an exciting take on the classic 2D balance racing formula, where your only goal is to reach the finish line while collecting as many diamonds as you can. Unlike most other racing games coming from Tiny Labs, Fun Kid Racing Magic Forest can be pretty tricky at times. Your vehicle will lose health when flipped, although it won’t be destroyed the first time you find yourself with the roof on the ground. The game isn’t meant for kids alone; grownups can also enjoy it since it offers cool graphics, tons of vehicles to unlock and levels that are a joy to play. Some levels are trickier to master than others, and some even contain hidden areas reachable (and discoverable) only by the eye keen for details.

Fun Kid Racing Magic Forest can be described as a relatively easy game, but there are times you’ll find yourself restarting a level over and over in order to finally beat it. Do not worry, since we (like always) gathered all tips and tricks and put them all in one place. This guide should make you a Fun Kid Racing Magic Forest master; just follow out tips and you’ll finish the game in no time, while at the same time managing to unlock lots of new and shiny cars. Stay with us and find out all helpful tips regarding the game. It will be very helpful, we promise. Without further ado, let us start.

1. Collect Daily Rewards

The game features a well-known Daily Rewards mechanic. Each day you start the game, you’ll be greeted with cool rewards. During the first five days, rewards will comprise out of lots of coins, and if you manage to connect five days, you’ll get a free new car! Yes, just enter the game every day and see how your coins vault gets filled with lots of gold pieces.

2. Cars Differ Only By Look

As with all racing games coming from Tiny Lab Productions, vehicles found in Fun Kid Racing Magic Forest differ only in outside appearance. We think this is much better than offering a bunch of faster cars that cost tons of gold and are required in order to play certain levels.

All cars can be unlocked with coins, and if you are a hardcore collector, you’ll spend many hours collecting coins for unlocking new and shiny vehicles.

3. You Lose Health When Rolling Over

Every time your vehicle ends up on its roof, you’ll lose one health point. Be careful, since losing all heath points means game over. In order to stay with your health full, be careful not to flip the car when jumping between gaps, or when riding down a steep slope. Also, there are red mushrooms that fill up your health, so look for them constantly.

4. Watch Ads And Double The Prizes

Prizes given after each level consist out of gold coins. Every time you finish a level and get a reward, you’ll be offered to watch an ad in order to double the prize. Although you don’t really have to do it, watching ads and getting double rewards can help you in a great way if unlocking all vehicles is your main goal. Ads are relatively short and will be over in a couple of dozens of seconds, but a double reward will enable you to unlock a new car after every two levels or so.
If you do not want to watch ads, just ignore the offer and click on the reward in order to collect it.

5. Collect Purple Diamonds

Instead of populating levels with collectible gold coins, Fun Kid Racing Magic Forest is filled with various diamonds. Ones that you should watch for are small purple diamonds. Collecting them will increase your coins amount since each diamond is worth one coin. On later levels, there will be dozens upon dozens diamonds to collect, so if you manage to get them all, you won’t need to watch ads since you’ll be stuffed with gold after each and every level.

Just remember, not all diamonds are collectible, just small purple ones; large diamonds are obstacles that can be destroyed, and red diamonds serve for unlocking portals, which teleport you further on the level. On a couple of stages, you’ll need to find and pick up a red diamond, since you won’t be able to progress if a portal is inactive. Remember, red diamonds open portals and are needed to be collected on certain levels. If you get stuck on a stage with portal being inactive, not knowing what to do, just restart it and look for a red diamond.

6. Three-Star Rating Is Easy To Obtain

During our Fun Kid Racing Magic Forest playthrough, we always were able to get a three-star rating. No matter if you rush through a stage, or take your time to enjoy the colorful presentation, you’ll probably get three stars if, of course, manage to actually finish a stage.

So, when choosing between rushing and going slow and steady, choose the latter. Rushing will just make you missing lots of purple diamonds, making your stash of coins to be visibly thinner. Take your time, go slow and steady, collect all diamonds, and unlock a bunch of new cars!

7. Watch Out For Green Mushrooms, They’ll Hurt You And Slow You Down

Green mushrooms should be avoided whenever possible. All you can receive from them is a poisonous green gas, which will slow your car down for a couple of seconds. On top of that, green mushrooms will take out one health bar.

8. Red Mushrooms Can Help You, Here’s How

On the other hand, you have red mushrooms, which will give you one health for each mushroom picked. Look for them during each and every level, since they can greatly help in finishing a stage without destroying your vehicle. Remember, green is bad, red is good.

9. Gold Chests Don’t Give Any Coins

Levels are filled with gold chests that get opened at times, but if you wait for them to get open in order to pick up coins, we have to disappoint you. Gold chests are only part of the scenery, they won’t give any rewards, and waiting for them to open won’t give you anything.

10. Most Obstacles Are Destructible

Unlike most other Tiny Lab Productions games, in Fun Kid Racing Magic Forest, most obstacles can be destroyed. Whether they are diamonds, various plants, or something else, most of them can be destroyed simply by running them over.

Just pick up the pace and drive through them without stopping, they’ll destroy and you’ll continue blazing through a level like nothing happened. So remember, don’t stop and try jumping over obstacles, just go right through them.

11. Some Levels Have Hidden Areas

Another nice addition in the game is the existence of hidden areas filled with diamonds to collect. You’ll notice those hidden areas by carefully driving and watching for hidden paths. Some hidden paths can only be accessed via moving platforms from which your car can fall off very easily, so be careful while riding on top of the platform.

The best way to do it is too slow down as soon as you notice the platform and then get on it as slow as possible. After that, just let it get to you to a hidden area. These areas are dotted through a couple of levels, so be very careful not to miss them. If you wondering if they are worth the trouble, let we just say that some contain as many as thirty purple diamonds to collect.

12. Be Careful, Since As You Progress Through The Game You Start Levels With Less And Less Health

At the beginning, the game will be too easy since you’ll start levels with as many as eight health points. As you progress, though, the number of starting health points will just go down. Near the end you’ll start with just two or three health points, so don’t flip the car, and don’t drive too fast, unless collecting a couple of red mushrooms.

13. You Can Replay Levels As Many Times As You Like

For all collectors who always want to unlock each and every vehicle, good news is that in Fun Kid Racing Magic Forest you can replay each and every level as many times as you like. We suggest replaying later levels since they can give you as many as 200 coins per one playthrough. Combine that with a double prize for watching ads and you can unlock a new car after every level. Not bad, not bad at all.

We reached the end of this guide, in which we tried to equip you with as much useful info as we could. We certainly believe all of you mobile gamers found this guide helpful and that you’ll check out our other guides. Fun Kid Racing Magic Forest is a great game, with the only problem of being too short. Fortunately, there are tons of vehicles to unlock so you can play the game until each and every car gets yours. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!