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Drakenlords Tips & Strategy Guide: 6 Hints You Need to Know

Drakenlords: CCG Card Duels is a new card collecting game by Everguild, where you play cards against rival players. In the game you are playing the role of a mighty Warlord, as you battle for glory, power, and cards in a backdrop rich with dragons, spells, and “cataclysms.” It’s another one of those CCGs/TCGs that are, as claimed, “built from the ground up for mobile,” with a strong influence from CCGs played with physical cards. The game promises a lot of adventures for newbies and card game veterans alike, with more than 300 cards, hours of single-player content, and the option to play against other human opponents in different game modes.

When it comes to collectible card games/trading card games, there’s a lot to learn and a lot to remember. These games can be overwhelming for the newcomer, but if you are indeed downloading this game for the first time and preparing to play it, we suggest you read our exclusive list of Drakenlords tips and tricks that will help you familiarize yourself with the game and play your cards the right way, even against more seasoned opponents.

1. Block Cards Should Be Up

You want to have cards with the block ability up at all times, as they would make your opponent attack those cards first. This is especially true if your cards have high attack ratings, but low health. Do not play those high attack cards unless one of your block cards is in play, but also remember that there are some card types that can circumvent block cards, such as targeted magic spell cards and flying type cards. They are able to target any card in your deck, even if there’s a block card already in play. Block cards are helpful indeed, but not against all card types.

2. Have A Balanced Deck

Regardless of the deck you choose in Drakenlords, it’s important that you have a balanced deck when it comes to mana. Just like you would in other CCGs, make sure you’ve got enough low-cost cards to help you out in the early and middle stages, as well as a few powerful, expensive cards that can be played once you’ve got enough mana on you. It may be tempting to get as many high cost cards out there as possible, but you wouldn’t want to fall short on mana by playing these cards so early in a game.

3. Your High Mana Cards Should Still Be The Centerpiece Of Your Deck

Keeping the above tip in mind, you should still build your deck around those high mana cards. Given the example of the Knight deck, the most premium card in that deck is the Queensguard, which has an attack rating of 9 and a health rating of 8. That Knight card can do a lot of damage on a standalone basis, but if you’ve got a block card or two in play, he can wreak a lot of havoc without having to worry too much about the enemy. And if the Martyr card dies, that’s going to activate Backlash, which buffs all Knights with one attack point. That would give your Queensguard 10 attack, making him especially deadly against any given opponent.

4. Start Out With The Knight Deck

So far, we seem to be quite sold on the Knight deck as compared to the others. For starters, the deck has some solid defensive options; the Innhouse, Shield Bearer, and Sellsword all have block abilities, and apart from that, you should know that defense is very important in these type games. There are also several utility cards included in here, including Ensnare (traps enemies by rooting them), Martyr (provides Knight cards buffs when it’s killed), and Scholar (+2 mana per turn).

5. The Knight Deck Also Features Silent And Hired Assassins

Another good feature of the Knight Deck is that it allows you to access Silent and Hired Assassins. These are cards that, as their name suggests, have a Stealth ability, meaning they cannot be targeted by your opponent. Launching normal attacks causes them to lose their Stealth, but they can stay alive with their active ability, which deals out two damage points for two mana points. Having a Silent and Hired Assassin card together could allow you to blast a lot of enemies undetected.

6. How To Get More Gems

Gems are the premium currency of Drakenlords, and you can get more of them by completing more quests. Unfortunately, the multiplayer matches aren’t too rewarding by way of gems, but if you complete more quests, you can stock up on that premium currency easily. And as a bonus tip, you will also encounter Mines quite frequently in single-player mode. These will earn you gems once you’ve paid up the initial gem fee, working for you and adding to your premium currency totals. Single-player might not be as fun as actual card battles against real people, but the mines, at the very least, should give you some incentive to play that mode.

This completes our guide for Everguild’s new card collecting game, Drakenlords. Do you know more tips and tricks for the game? Leave us a message in the comment section!