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Dead Town Tips, Cheats & Strategies: A Complete Zombie Survival Guide

Lemon Puppy Games has released a new mobile title for all of you who want more zombie-themed games even if Halloween has long ended. The game in question, Dead Town, is a “hardcore” zombie shooting survival game, where your main objective is to survive in the titular dead town, crafting, cooking, and creating your own base.

How long can you survive in Dead Town, and how can you make sure your base is in good shape, while killing more zombies and surviving those big, bad bosses. There’s far more to this title than what we told you above, and you may be needing some tips anyway so you try to destroy more zombies and avoid being attacked by them. Read on, as we’ve got them all included in our Dead Town strategy guide, which covers all the necessary tips and tricks for survival.

1. Find More Wood And Stone Quickly

When starting a game for the first time, you should prioritize one thing, and that’s finding more wood. You should also find that wood quickly, primarily by scavenging, but also by cutting down trees. As this is a top-down game, the trees will look more similar to bushes, but if you get close enough to them, you will see the stump revealing their actual form. Attack the stump to get more wood, but take note that you won’t always get it; just keep going at the stump until you get 10 units of wood.

After you’ve gotten enough wood, you can then move on to your next resource – stone. You can scavenge for stone by looking around in the trash bins, and once you’ve got five units, you can create a Heavy Stone Axe. This is a slow axe that is nonetheless quite effective in helping you get more wood, though you might not want to use it as a weapon, as it’s weaker than the puny little dagger you start the game with.

2. Find A House And Work On A Campfire Once You’ve Got Enough Wood

You may want to keep collecting wood until you reach 30 or thereabouts. Once you’ve reached that level, you can then focus on camping out and finding a place for shelter, even if it isn’t technically your own. You will see several houses where you can stay in for the meantime, though you should start by choosing the smaller ones due to the fact they have fewer entrances. Larger buildings have more doors, more chances for the zombies to attack, and are harder to defend. If you can find a house with a tree next to it, that’s even better.

After finding a place to settle in, you can go to the Crafting menu and choose Craft Desk and Campfire. The former item allows you to craft better items, while the latter allows you to cook food and provides some much-needed light in the night time.

3. Basic Weapons You Can Craft

You can’t rely forever on your dagger and Heavy Stone Axe for defending yourself against zombies. You need better weapons, and you can use the Craft Desk to this end. Start by creating the baseball bat, which requires 10 wood, but gives you 50 attack and 10 rate of fire. That alone makes it a vast improvement over your stock dagger, and it’s also longer, allowing you to whack at the undead from a greater distance.

The baseball bat is a nice, basic melee weapon you can craft, while the Bow will be your first ranged weapon, with requirements set at 10 wood and 5 cloth, the latter of which you can scavenge easily. Now you’ll also be using the bow for scavenging, but it’s also a good weapon to use when defending against zombies. It’s a silent weapon which you can activate by tapping and holding on Attack, and you can pick your arrows up and reload quite easily. Any zombies you kill will drop arrows that get stuck in them, so take advantage of this. Just remember, though, that the bow isn’t quite ideal anymore if you need to attack quickly.

4. Set Up Your Defenses

Provided you followed the tips to the letter so far, you should be nearing the end of your first day, and still have some wood on you. Use the craft desk once again to create a Wooden Barricade and Wooden Door, both of which you can use to strengthen your house’s defenses. The door, of course, should be set up from the inside, so you can set up the barricade from outside. Be sure to act quickly at this point, as that’s when the first zombie horde will be arriving. Zombies will have no choice but to chew through the barricades, so once they’re doing this, use your baseball bat or bow to get them while they’re preoccupied.

5. Damaged Structures Get Repaired If You Stand Next To Them

Another thing working for you as the first zombies go on attack is that structures get automatically repaired if you stand next to them. You’ll know that you’re “repairing” something when you see the crossed hammer icon right above a structure. Sit on a door or a barricade while attacking, and get those zombies; they won’t outpace your repair speed, so don’t worry about them being too powerful.

6. Get Something To Eat

You should always make sure that you never go hungry, as you will lose health if your hunger meter is zeroed out. Your health will regenerate automatically as long as the hunger meter has something in it. Use the campfire to cook raw meat or frozen meals; these are best for restoring your hunger. Berries also work in a pinch; you can get them from chopping trees, but don’t expect too much hunger to be restored by eating these tiny berries.

7. What Skills Should You Learn Once Leveling Up?

With your first day complete, the next thing you should do is to make any necessary repairs, have a bite to eat, and go out there and explore/fight zombies. You may also be leveling up at this point, and with each level-up you get a new skill point. But which skills should you invest your points in?

The Fighting skill tree improves the efficacy of your weapons and the damage dealt out. Choose the right skill that matches the weapons you have. Next, move on to the Craft tree, and choose the Thief skill. This improves your chances of finding random items and supply boxes. Chef is also a good choice under Craft, as this allows you to find food more often. Lastly, go to the Survival tree; Patience would refer to how long it takes for your hunger meter to go down. If you’re “patient” enough, you won’t get hungry too easily, especially early on when food is a hard-to-find commodity.

8. The Basics Of Exploring / Scavenging

You can start scavenging again once you’ve chosen your skills and performed the above mentioned maintenance tasks. Given all that you’ve accomplished in the first day, there are a few things for you to keep in mind.

While item spawns may seem like they’re random, they may also have some logic associated with them. Old groceries, for instance, may be a great place for you to scavenge for food, as you can eat what’s inside those bags and cans. And take note of the aura around you when walking; the zombies use sound to detect human activity, and if you walk quickly and loudly, you will attract their attention. Move slowly and gently so you can sneak past them, and if you don’t want to aggravate any zombies and alert them to your presence, use your bow, and resist the urge to fire your guns.

And that’s all there’s to it. If you know more tips and tricks for Dead Town, feel free to leave us a message in the comment section!


Wednesday 27th of January 2021

Enchants weapons. To enchant, have 6 copies of the weapon you wish to enchant. Pretty expensive for not alot of gain tbh. Your better off crafting a grinder to rid yourself of excess weapons and equipment.

Andrean Syemmah Mikaputra

Monday 19th of October 2020

I have a question, what exactly is the function of the enchanter?


Wednesday 27th of May 2020

I dont know how to drop the craft table in a house


Wednesday 27th of October 2021

@Felix,all you need to do is to tap the arrow down button if you can't find the button you should go to settings and switch to smaller button size,trust me it will work

Pod duang(Thailand name)

Tuesday 25th of February 2020

Thanks very much 👍🏻I love tips from games,you know I am a noob at dead town so thanks


Tuesday 6th of August 2019

Hi, I am also clueless about the use of the large key. Is anyone of you already found out? Small key's for sewer and what about the large one?