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Fuji Games’ New Mobile RPG ‘Arca Last’ Enters Pre-Registration Phase

Fuji Games has recently announced that Arca Last, the company’s upcoming mobile RPG, is now open for pre-registration.

Coming from the creative team behind the Suikoden RPG series, Arca Last will more than likely be an open-world RPG in which players are allowed to roam around.

Judging from the trailer, each team will be formed of a maximum of 6 characters, each one of them with its own set of skills and traits. There will be a mass-scale battle mode in which each character will lead its own army. Arca Last will be a story-driven RPG and players will be able to enjoy and unfold the stories of 7 different protagonists set in 7 different worlds.

arca last pre-registration

Scheduled to be launched in Japan this summer, we can only hope Arca Last will be launched globally soon after. Pre-registration is already open and there is an official mileage campaign already set in place. If Arca Last sounds like the perfect game for you, don’t hesitate to visit the game’s official website.