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Frontier Defense Cheats, Tips & Tricks: 5 Ways to Play More Effectively

Frontier Defense is an iOS game that was recently released by Pine Entertainment, and it’s an epic tower defense game where all you’ve got to do is tap. Tapping allows you to attack, to activate devastating skills, to recruit heroes, to build towers, to unlock relics, to spin the wheel, to open mystery chests, and ultimately, to win. The game is based on a back-to-basics clicking mechanic, and aside from the game being a tower defense title, Pine Entertainment adds that there are RPG elements, and the ability to control up to three heroes simultaneously.

This game allows you to build up to ten defensive towers and use up to six unique heroes with “endless” upgrades, and play through 50 environments, among other things. So how can you succeed in a game that essentially combines tower defense and clicker games in one? Check out our compilation of Frontier Defense cheats, tips and tricks and we’ll be glad to show you how.

1. Use Multiple Fingers

If you’re controlling a party with only one hero, then things are quite easy. You’ll be able to tap with multiple fingers simultaneously so you can unleash your defense faster. Just make sure all of your fingers are in the general area of the target; this should be easy on the iPhone 6s Plus or on any supported iPad, but on smaller devices, you might want to limit your taps to two fingers tops.

2. Enlist Multiple Heroes

While things get tricky when you’re controlling multiple heroes, you can get more done if you’ve got more than just one person in your party. Tap on everyone’s attack icons simultaneously, and do so as fast as you could, so you can quickly eliminate any enemy in your vicinity. It will be better, of course, if you can upgrade your heroes and their attack power with your coins.

3. Be Sure To Upgrade Your Castle And All Its Defenses

Tapping quickly is all well and good, but it can only get you so far. That said, you should upgrade your castle and the defense towers you’ve set up; failure to do this would leave you in trouble even if you’re tapping as fast as you can. You want your castle’s health to always be solid, so upgrade it regularly and buy as many new defenses as your budget would allow.

4. Buy Relics, Not Characters First

As you make further progress into the game, you’ll be able to unlock new heroes. But don’t spend your gems on new characters first – instead, you should use them on relics, which give permanent boosts to both your heroes and your defensive towers.

5. Don’t Use The Special Skill Until The Boss Battle

Don’t be tempted to use those special skills sooner than you should. You will want to save those skills until battle 10/10 – the dread boss battle. That’s where things get serious, as the boss battle is much harder than the ones before it, which seem like a walk in the park by comparison. In here, you can try using the auto-tap feature, so as not to fatigue yourself.