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Miranda Sings vs Haters Tips, Cheats & Guide to Beat the Haterz

Another popular YouTuber has a new mobile game out, and it’s none other than Miranda Sings. Games2Win’s new game Miranda Sings vs Haters takes you to a story where evil “haterz” have hidden Miranda’s favorite things. It’s your job to find the hidden objects within a given amount of time, thus allowing her YouTube show to keep playing on. You’ll be taking on these “haterz” (they really spell it with a “z”) over 25 levels of “drama and mayhem,” and also unlocking bonus levels and discovering Miranda’s different moods. And yes, half of the items are deliberately misspelled, much like how Miranda Sings spells those words on her show.

Want to emerge victorious over the haterz and find those items in time? We just might be able to help you with that, through this list of Miranda Sings vs Haters tips and tricks.

1. All Items Look The Same Across All Levels

Once you start playing the game, you may have some difficulty finding the required items. But fortunately, these items look exactly the same way they should across different levels. So if you’re asked to find an item on Level 1, it will look identical on Level 8 or 9 when you have to find it again. You also get the same item collection per level – this isn’t one of those games where the objects you have to look for constantly change with each replay.

2. Remember How The Items Are Laid Out On Each Level

Instead of a star system, Miranda Sings vs Haters makes use of a lip system, which works in a similar way. You’ll get a score of one to three lips, with your score going down as you make more wrong taps or take longer to complete a level. As such, you’ll have to practice in order to get everything down pat – finishing levels as quickly and accurately as possible. For a better chance of scoring a perfect three lips, remember where each item is located on a level, and keep that in mind especially when trying the Three Lip Challenge. Items may differ in that challenge, but they’ll always be in the same location with each replay.

3. How To Use Your Hints

If you ever have difficulty finding an item – and you’ll have to do that every now and then as some items don’t look like they’re described – then you can use your hints. Use them any time you wish, but try to conserve your hints because you’ll have to buy more hints with coins when you run out.

4. How To Earn More Coins And How To Spend Them

Coins are this game’s main currency, and you can earn more of them by completing levels, or by hitting the Free Coins button on the in-app store and watching Miranda Sings videos on YouTube. As for spending coins, you can use them on more than just hints. They can be used to purchase bonus levels, and once you complete the slide puzzle mini-games on these levels, you can earn more than enough coins to make up what you paid to buy the levels.