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Fortnite Update 6.10 Brings New Quad Bike, New Events Tab And Various Android and iOS Improvements

Epic Games has just released the 6.10 update to Fortnite and, as usual, the new version comes with plenty of notable changes and improvements. Alongside various bug fixes as well as performance and memory boosts for Android and iOS gadgets, we could highlight the new Events tab for in-game tournaments and the Quadcrasher!

A 2 person vehicle, players can drive the Quadcrasher to boost building up, smash through buildings, boost off ramps and cliffs, or even smash into players and launch them in the air. An absolute unleashed beast, the Quadcrasher is ideal for both solo play and duos! All you have to do is drive around to fill its boost-meter.

The new Events tab will display the dates and times of all the online competitions. Open to all players, each new tournament will have everyone starting off from scratch, thus bridging the gap between casual players and high-level ones.

With this update, Fortnite’s Disco Domination LTM also undergoes some changes: 50% less bandage spawns, 20% less maximum respawn distance, the removal of all common weapons and Port-a-Fortress just to name a few.

Be sure to head over to Epic Games’ official website for more details and patch notes on Fortnite’s 6.10 update.