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ForgeCraft Cheats, Hints & Tricks to Earn a Lot of Money

ForgeCraft is a blacksmith-themed idle clicker created by Robert Grzybek, that’s now available for iOS and Android. In Forgecraft you will be taking on the role of a renowned blacksmith. You will need to craft various weapons and armor in order to help save your country. Of course, making a fortune while doing so is also a great bonus. The game features well-executed block pixel graphics reminiscent of Minecraft. It is surprisingly complex for an idle game. There are dozens of different weapons and armors for you to craft, as well as several upgrades for you to invest in. Hire additional workers to help run your shop, and expand your business while you are at it. Despite the seemingly simple mechanics of the game, you will need a good strategy if you want to truly succeed. Be sure to read our list of ForgeCraft tips, cheats and hints for making a lot of money!

1. Auto-Sell Is The Way

Similarly to other idle clicker games, the first thing you should focus on in Forgecraft is to automate your income. Tapping is fun, but it will get old quickly. You need to reach the point where you can passively earn before you get tired of tapping. The game gives you a free first-level assistant for every piece of gear. You just need to unlock them as soon as you learn a new recipe. Keep in mind that the assistants will only craft the gear for you. You will need to manually collect and sell the gear yourself.

If you want to automate this process, you will need to invest gold in improvements. There are auto-selling improvements available that will allow the assistants to sell the gear as soon as they are done crafting. Auto-selling is not a one-time purchase. Items that are up for auto-selling will be marked by a red A on the gear list. If you want to be able to auto-sell more expensive equipment, you will need to invest more in improvements.

2. Accept Ad Offers

The game lets you earn passive income even when you are not logged into the game. Upon returning, you will be given the option to double your offline earnings by watching a video advertisement. If you were offline for a long time, you will have massive amounts of gold waiting for you upon return. Don’t miss the opportunity to double that by accepting the ad offer. If you were offline for just a couple of minutes, feel free to skip the ad.

3. Spend Rubies On Boosts

Rubies are the game’s premium currency. You can earn them for free by completing achievements and opening daily gifts. Unfortunately, you don’t get a lot of it, so you will need to spend your Rubies wisely. Unless you are willing to spend real money in the game, of course. One way to spend your Rubies is by playing minigames. Minigames cost 3 Rubies to play, and you can earn a lot of gold depending on how good you are. Since you can easily earn gold while playing, there is no point in wasting precious Rubies just to play minigames.

The better option for spending Rubies is to buy boosts. Boosts are available in the shop. They temporarily increase your gold income. Other boosts instantly reward you with several hours’ worth of gold, depending on what you choose. Since these are fixed earnings, they are better options than minigames where you might end up earning very little if you score poorly.

4. Don’t Forget To Prestige

If you have been playing idle clickers for a long time, you will be familiar with the Prestige concept. Prestige means you will be resetting your progress in exchange for permanent boosts. This system allows you to progress farther in the long run. You will need 25 forges before you can Prestige in this game. In most idle clickers, you need to wait for as long as you can hold out before you reset. In this game, however, it is better if you reset as soon as you can. Doing so will increase the selling price of your items, allowing you to earn more.

It is time to save your country while earning a lot of money! Make sure to follow everything listed in our ForgeCraft tips and tricks to ensure your success!