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Cat Condo Tips, Cheats & Hints: How to Get Rare Cats

Cat Condo is a merging game with idle mechanics created exclusively for Android devices. In Zepni’s new mobile title you will be merging cats in order to create rarer breeds. Cat lovers everywhere will surely enjoy the unbelievably cute feline models in the game. Each breed is so adorable that you will be stuffing your kennel with cats in no time. However, the more cats you have on the board, the more challenging the game will be. You will need to be strategic in merging your cats, or you will run out of space for rare breeds. Spotting matching cats is the easy part here. The challenge is in figuring out the best order for merging cats that will allow you to keep going until you reach level 100 rarity. It is not as easy as it seems, and you will need the help of our Cat Condo cheats and hints if you want to succeed!

1. Keep Your Condo Full

The cats in Cat Condo produce coins over time. The more cats you have, the more coins you produce. Leaving spots empty will mean you are missing out on potential earnings. You need a lot of coins in order to buy more cats, so it only makes sense that you fill up your condo as much as you can, even if you only have level 1 kittens. You can always just merge them later on to make more room for rare breeds.

2. Ads Are Useful

The game provides different benefits in exchange for watching video advertisements. First, you can double your offline earnings if you accept the ad offer upon logging in. Second, you can also double your earnings for two hours by watching another ad. Finally, you can upgrade the type of cat you receive from a gift box by agreeing to another ad offer. Take advantage of these things in order to progress more quickly in the game. If you absolutely hate watching ads, just leave it playing and do something else or a minute. Don’t forget to turn on the connectivity of your device since you need internet connection to watch the advertisements.

3. Buy More Cats

Coins are only useful for buying more cats, so make sure you buy as much as you can. Cats of a certain level get more expensive every time you buy. It will eventually reach a point where it becomes too expensive to buy a certain cat. It is a good idea to buy cats from the same level for about 20 times before moving on to the next one. This way, you can make the most out of each cat level without overspending. An alternative option is for you to save up a lot of money for purchasing very rare cats, then just combine the low-level ones that you have in the meantime.

4. How To Increase Box Quality

Cat Condo offers a way to improve the quality of your boxes. Doing this will make it a lot easier for you to earn more, and get better cats. The only problem is that it will require you to spend real money to do so. Keep in mind that the in-app purchase will only give you one extra level per box, so weigh the pros and cons before shelling out the cash.

That is everything you need to know in order to get better cats in Cat Condo! Use our tips and tricks we shared with you above and you will be filling your condo with rare felines in no time!