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60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Survive Longer

The world is about to end, and you only have a minute to try to survive it. 60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure lets you play as Ted, a regular joe who now needs to save his family from a nuclear apocalypse. Available on Android and iOS devices, the game gives you one minute to run around your house in search of your family members as well as anything you can use to survive while inside your fallout shelter. The house changes with every playthrough, so you will have to navigate blindly each time. After that frantic dash, you will arrive in your fallout shelter with only the things you managed to grab. You will need to ration your food and water, utilize supplies efficiently, hunt mutant roaches, and make difficult decisions. Don’t forget to check our 60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure strategy guide to help prepare you for the end of the world!

1. Follow The Tutorial

60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure has a tutorial mode called Atomic Drill. It allows you to practice navigating around your house, identifying important items, as well as figuring out how to survive in the shelter. This is an important part of the game the will help you prepare for the real thing. Experiment with ration sensitivity, and plan out different scenarios. The game will give you different hints on how to survive, so make sure you pay attention. You will need to keep your family alive until the soldiers come to rescue you. It may take a while, so prepare as much as you can.

2. Try The Scavenger Mode

The Scavenger Mode lets you play only the preparation part of the game. This means you will only be running around inside your house, trying to find items to take with you. Play this mode in order to master movement around the house. Keep in mind that bumping into furniture can potentially block your path. You could end up being trapped inside a room with all the furniture in your way. The path to the fallout shelter could also be blocked by furniture that you accidentally move. Be careful and pay attention to the things that you move.

When it comes to picking supplies, there are a lot of different options for you to pick up. The most important things are food and water. You cannot survive without them, so prioritize these supplies no matter what. Games are useful for keeping your family sane during the long wait. You can also trade it for other supplies when you get visitors. Grab a gun or an axe for protection, since not all visitors will be human. Finally, try to grab a gas mask if you can. You will need it if you want to send someone up to the surface to call for help or get updates from rescue teams.

3. Practice In Survival Mode

As you can probably guess, Survival Mode lets you play just the second part of the game. You will start in a pre-stocked fallout shelter where you just need to worry about survival. With that said, it will not be any easier than the previous mode. During the first couple of days, don’t feed anyone. They should all be healthy enough to withstand a couple of days without food or water. After that, give them food and water only every other day. Provide it only when you receive a warning that they are in danger of dying. The longest a person can survive in the game without food and water is four days, so you will need to feed them before that time.

When you run out of supplies before the rescuers arrive, you can send someone out to scavenge for additional supplies. You will need to send healthy people out on expeditions because they have better chances of surviving. Remember, if they die, the rest of your remaining residents will die from thirst and hunger as well. Finally, if you only have one person on your team, you will have no choice but to send him on the expedition regardless of health. Make sure you lock the bunker before leaving, so it will stay safe while empty.

4. Take On The Apocalypse Mode

Once you have practiced enough in the previous modes, it is time to combine everything you learned in one game. This is difficult because you will need to be good in both scavenging and survival if you want to succeed in this mode. How much you scavenge will impact your ability to survive in the bunker. On the other hand, no matter how much you are able to take with you, you will still fail if you don’t know how to properly manage your supplies.

Another thing you need to consider is the number of people to take with you. Ideally, you would want to save your entire family. If you are not a heartless person, you will leave no one behind. Keep in mind, however, that the more people you have in the shelter, the more supplies you will need. That means you have to grab a lot of food and water before heading into your shelter. Otherwise, everyone will end up dead because you didn’t have the guts to leave the weak behind.

The benefit of having several survivors, on the other hand, is that you have multiple people available for exploration. If you can survive long enough for the radiation to disperse, you can start sending people up to scavenge for more supplies. This will help you collectively survive longer.

5. Play In Different Difficulties

Each game mode can be played in three different levels of difficulty. The default level is medium, so you can still switch to the easy mode called Little Boy. The Little Boy difficulty gives you extra time to scavenge, more shelter stocks, and less vermin attacks. Play this mode if you just want to play a relaxed game, or want to get an idea first of how it all goes. If you are in the mood for a bigger challenge, you can switch to Tsar Bomba mode that gives you a sickly family, shoddy equipment, very limited supplies, and frequent visits from hostile creatures.

Surviving a nuclear apocalypse is hard, but with the help of our 60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure tips and tricks, you can make it out alive!