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Footy Golf Tips, Cheats & Tricks: How to Complete All Courses

Can’t decide between golf and soccer? Why not both? Footy Golf is an iOS-exclusive game that combines the mechanics of golf with the kicking skills of soccer players. In this game, your character will need to kick a soccer ball through a course with the goal of getting it into the goal with as few kicks as possible. Instead of the plush greens known to golf, the courses are urban settings such as a city street or a factory. There are over 80 courses available and you will need the help of our Footy Golf tips and tricks to complete them all!

1. Know The Rules

The game follows golf-like rules but is not as strict. You would still want to get the ball into the goal with a certain number of kicks but you can still complete the course even if you disregard the course’s Par. If you are still starting out, don’t worry too much about the number of kicks. Just focus on learning how to control your kicks through the course. You can replay the course later on if you want to get a better star rating so you won’t really lose much if you play around with the controls first.

2. Pick Up Coins and Diamonds

The good thing about being able to ignore the number of kicks per course is that you are free to go around and pick up all the treasure you want. Take your time and grab all the diamonds and coins in each course. Rinse and repeat. The treasure will keep reappearing each time you play through a course so if you have mastered a particular course, feel free to keep replaying that one. As mentioned before, you can just replay the course another time when you are ready to aim for better ratings.

3. Improve Your Star Ratings

After completing a course, you will be given a star rating. Naturally, the star rating will depend on how quickly you were able to reach the goal. Unlike most games, however, the star ratings have no value other than for bragging rights. If you are the type of player who likes getting 100% on all games, then feel free to aim for stars as much as you want. Otherwise, you can just have fun fooling around in the game while you collect coins.

4. Unlock Extras

The game takes pride in offering more than 60 characters for you to unlock in the game. The characters serve as your avatar and you can switch to any character you have unlocked in between games. These are purely cosmetic, however, so you might want to prioritize balls first. The reason you want to unlock the balls first is that they have actual impact on the game. Each ball has its own attribute that can be more useful in certain levels. If you are aiming for maximum stars on each level, you might want to return to difficult courses with a different ball to see if it works better.

Footy Golf is admittedly a goofy game to begin with, and it’s meant mostly for fun, but you can make the most out of it by following the tips and tricks we gave you.