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The .io series has successfully captured the hearts of casual and hardcore gamers alike with its straightforward mechanics and simplistic visuals. Game developer KasSanity enters the fray with its own .io game for Android and iOS, The game features cute little racecars driving around a plain black background, following the design of previous games in the series. The racecars leave behind a colored trail that keeps getting longer, the more you drive around without getting killed. Keep driving and destroy your opponents with the help of our tips and tricks!

1. Don’t Be Reckless

The point of the game is to keep driving and to try to wipeout some of your competitors along the way. When you are starting out, it is best if you avoid all other players first because you are still vulnerable. Be patient and just quietly pick up fuel dots on the map until your trail gets longer. If you have played other .io games, you will know that you should only start chasing other players when you are already of considerable size. Even then, do not blindly run after the smaller cars because you might accidentally bump into a big car and get destroyed along with the ones you are chasing. Keep a cool head and always proceed with caution.

2. Picking Up Fuel

Your car technically does not need fuel to run. This means the fuel dots on the map are optional since they only add to your speed and your points. Picking them up can be good but only if you do not put yourself in danger because of them. A lot of people who play .io games like hunting so you could get caught if you are too busy picking up fuel. Focus on just staying alive and pick up the fuel dots if you are in a safe area.

3. Destroying Other Cars

While it is partly the point of the game, you don’t really have to chase after other cars unless you want to. Just keep in mind that they can just as easily return to the game and get revenge a few seconds later. Make sure that you are ready and alert if you will start fights with other players because you will have other players chasing you as well. You can try to drive around peacefully and just keep avoiding other players for as long as you can. This does not guarantee that others will avoid destroying you, though.

4. When To Use Chat

The quick answer to when you should use chat is never. You need to be fully focused on what you are doing because it only takes a split second for another car to crash into you. If you see people chatting on the upper right section of the screen, that is because they are not playing. You can take a break from the game for a bit if you feel like chatting up the other players, though.

Keep driving and hit those high scores in! With the help of the tips and tricks above, you will be in the leaderboards in no time!