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Football Manager 2020 Mobile Launches Worldwide

The Football Manager series has been gaining even more followers in recent years, especially on mobile platforms. So much so that this year’s installment merited two mobile versions – Football Manager 2020 Mobile for smartphones and tablets, and Football Manager 2020 Touch for iPads. Both have been released worldwide alongside the PC version courtesy of SEGA and Sports Interactive.

There have been some major updates for Football Manager 2020 Mobile, although these changes would mostly be noticeable for long-time fans of the series. Changes have been made to the game’s youth system, reserve teams, rivalries, and even the media interactions have been revamped. There are now more ways to develop and test young players through mentorship and reserve team play time. Danish and Greek league fans can now manage their favorite teams as both leagues have been included in the game.

The primary difference between Football Manager 2020 Mobile and Football Manager 2020 Touch is the level of involvement. Football Manager 2020 Mobile is geared towards those who really want to play the game on the go, which means faster seasons. Football Manager 2020 Touch allows bigger involvement with the team while still providing the portability that the full PC version doesn’t always allow.

Football Manager 2020 Mobile is available on the App Store and on Google Play for $8.99. Football Manager 2020 Touch can be purchased through the App Store for $19.99.