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Football Manager 2020 Coming to Mobile, Google Stadia and Nintendo Switch in November

Sports Interactive’s successful Football Manager series has been around for years. The game provides a different kind of gameplay for football fans as it allows players to experience what it is like to manage a team. Instead of playing out on the field, players will be making decisions on who to recruit, who to trade, what kind of training or strategies to use, and so on. The Football Manager series has gained a solid following over the years, that is why it comes as no surprise that this year’s installment is coming out on so many different platforms.

Publisher SEGA and developer Sports Interactive have just confirmed that Football Manager 2020 will be released on PC, mobile, Google Stadia, and Nintendo Switch. Of course, there will be differences between the versions depending on the platform, with Football Manager 2020 Mobile being the toned-down variant due to technical limitations of the platform. Football Manager 2020 Touch will be a more advanced version since it will only be available on tablets and the Nintendo Switch.

Football Manager 2020 Mobile as well as Football Manager 2020 for Google Stadia and PC will all be released on the same day early in November. Football Manager 2020 Touch for Nintendo Switch will be launched later in the same month.