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Flip Trickster Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Complete More Levels

A simple yet challenging one-touch puzzler, Flip Trickster is all about landing the perfect flip and building up your score. Inspired in parkour and governed by physics laws, Flip Trickster challenges players to leap backward off various obstacles with a clear goal: land feet first in the tiny red squares.

If you still can’t hit the square, stop worrying. We are here to provide you with all the tips and cheats you need to land your vaults perfectly and skyrocket your points! So keep reading and discover our collection of Flip Trickster cheats, tips and tricks right after the jump!

1. Manage Your Launch Distance

In Flip Trickster your launch distance highly depends on how far you lean and tucking in the air. Depending on the distance that you need to cover, you will have to learn how to make high or short jumps. When your targets are far away, you will have to tap and hold to launch. Don’t let go until you reach the ideal spot. When your targets are close, you must barely hold down to launch. If you tap the icon in the bottom left, the direction you face will change.

flip trickster tips

You can tuck in the air by tapping again, thus altering the distance. Once you let go, your momentum will almost turn back to normal. When tucking, you are actually accelerating to the ground. If you manage to master tucking – alongside the starter squat – you will clear every stage.

As far as landing is concerned, you need to make sure you are not flipping more than necessary and that your flip will allow you to let go tucking and land on the floor. Generally, one flip is sufficient to pass most stages.

2. Learn How To Time Tucking

When you start off, you will see that you will get extra coins if you don’t tuck for a specific period of time. The purpose of this strategy is to teach new players that tucking early is not always beneficial. Some levels will require you to wait until you are above the target before tucking. This happens because our bodies tend to naturally rotate after a big drop. If you time your tuck, you will land perfectly!

3. Land In The Landing Zones

If you manage to land in the centre – in the red landing zone – you will get double points. Though it’s not always easy to achieve that, it should be your main goal.

4. Complete The Challenges

flip trickster cheats

Once you finish a stage, you might have to face an incomplete challenge. These challenges might ask you to land outside the target area, face forward, and so on. If you complete these challenges, you will earn coins and points. So make sure you complete as many challenges as possible in order to speed up your progress.

5. Perform Extra Flips To Get The Gold Medal

You will see that, in specific levels, landing in the red zone is not enough to earn you the gold medal. If you want to get the gold medal, you will have to perform multiple flips. To achieve this, press, hold your flip, and let go after making two rotations. You will see that the difficulty increases as you progress through the game. There will be levels where you will need to perform double, triple, or even quadruple flips.

6. Practice Makes Perfect

Landing exactly where you want to is not an easy task and it requires practice. So don’t get discouraged if you fail a couple of times. Give yourself time to get used to your body’s movement in the air and gauge the exact amount of necessary power for each jump. Learn from all your previous jumps and you will make it to your red target!

And this wraps up our Flip Trickster tips, cheats and tricks. If you know other tips that you would like to share with us, make sure to drop us a line in the comments section below!