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Adorable Platformer ‘Spoorky’ Coming to Mobile in Early November

Old school platform gamers have something to look forward to as GuGames announced the launch date for Spoorky. The upcoming platformer will be released on Steam, Android, and iOS simultaneously on November 8, 2018. Not only is the game completely cross-platform, it also features a level editor that encourages players to create their own adventure and share it with others.

Players can create unique levels and upload it online for others to challenge. Those who manage to beat a level creator’s completion time will earn special points. This whole system is geared towards pushing players to not only build their own levels but to try out the other player-created levels as well. Creators that have been dethroned by challengers are free to win back their titles and earn special points as well. All the points players earn in the process will go towards their leaderboard rankings as well as their weekly tournament participation.

Spoorky aims to build a community of players and have added social features that aid that goal. Players can follow their favorite creators in order to keep track of their latest custom levels. Of course, aspiring creators can also gain followers of their own when they build their own levels. There is also a level-sharing feature that allows players to post their favorite levels to their followers. These in-game social dynamics will surely make it easier for players to promote their levels.

Players who want to download the game as soon as it is available should be heading to the App Store or Google Play Store upon its launch date as the game does not have a pre-registration period. Desktop players who want to try it out can download the game demo through Steam.

For more information and details, please check out Spoorky’s official website!