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Flick Champions Extreme Sports Guide: 6 Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Dominate All Extreme Sports

The lovely people from Nawia Games have launched our cubic-head sport heroes to a tournament of extreme sports. Flick Champions Extreme Sports is taking action in five different extreme sports: Rock Climbing, Parkour, Surfing, Paintball and Wingsuit. Whatever your affinities are, you are going to enjoy all of these extreme sports in three different modes: Career mode, Quick Game mode and Challenges mode. As the names of modes speak for themselves, there is no need to explain what you can find in there. The point is, whatever mode you decide to play, you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun.

Just to make an introspection of what’s waiting for you out there in the extremes, we’ve prepared a set of pretty cool Flick Champions Extreme Sports tips and tricks.

1. Master The Controls

Before we share some tips and tricks for Flick Champions Extreme Sports we should explain you the control mechanism in the game. At the beginning, you will be explained how to control your character and controls are coming down to a simple hold and drag system. However, we have a tip for you that could be of great help. There is no need to hold your finger over your player, because if your character is positioned in the middle of the screen, holding your finger on his position would block the entire overview of the gameplay. The best thing is to position your finger in lower part of the screen as in such manner you will get to control your character equally successful, but with complete overview of the screen.

Make sure not to miss the lottery as it can bring some nice rewards in the form of power-ups. Those power-ups are going to be of great help when you are facing challenging levels, as many of them are quite tricky. However, as you cannot rely on presents from out of nowhere, you should pay attention to collecting coins in order to buy new or upgrade existing power-ups. Therefore, your task in each sport is not only to evade the obstacles, but also to collect the more than precious coins.

You should also pay attention to the energy bars. The number of energy bars is limited, but it’s been refilled through time. Anyhow, you should have this in mind.

2. Paintball

Maybe the most difficult of all extreme sports is paintball, as you don’t have many room for mistakes. One hit and you’re done! If you get out of ammo, you’re as good as done!

Although, the movement is limited from one cover to another, standing behind one doesn’t mean that you are completely protected from all sides and that’s something you should have in mind while moving. Also, your opponents are not going to stand there like sitting ducks, as they will try to get the best shot at you. It’s true that, at the beginning, their response is slow and their aiming is far from good, but as you progress they are going to become tougher and tougher.

Aiming! As long as you stand far from opponents, they are not going to move, so you should take advantage of that, unless they are not standing directly behind a cover. However, distance from which you can shoot the opponent is limited and it’s not possible to shot from one end of the screen to another. Another thing about aiming: Make sure that you aim directly at your opponent. Straight at his head, as anything else will count only as a waste of your ammo.

Below your character you have info on how much ammo you have left. You can refill your ammo by picking up special ammo crates on the track, but they are not so frequent. If your aiming is good, you will not have problems with ammo, but if it’s not you’re left to run for your life.

TIP: Try to shoot your opponents while moving. It’s very efficient, but requires some good skills.

3. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is not as easy as one might think it is. Your task is to climb the rock between stones and other obstacles while hot lava is coming up under your feet. In early stages, it won’t be a big problem, but you’ll have to use all your skills in higher levels.

As you climb the rock you have to fulfill some other tasks. First, you should collect as many coins as you can and also to try to pass the score lines to score some more points. However, your main task is to evade the upcoming lava and to save your head. If you are greedily craving to get all the points and coins you might get stuck between the rock wall and stones, which means that you will have to go back downwards, increasing your chances to be burned by hot lava. So, get the coins but don’t set it as your primary task. However, one thing that you should try focus on is to go through the Pass gates. When passed through, you will get a score multiplier which is of great help.

Moreover, you should look for power-ups. Again, it’s good to have them, but beware, because reaching them might get you stuck.

Now, about obstacles. Obviously, the first thing you have to take care of is not to get caught by lava. You should watch out for lava cracks on the rock. In order to pass it, you have to get close to it (but not too close) and wait to go off. Only then it’s safe to jump over it. There are also some other obstacles like falling rocks and moving bars, which when combined altogether can make a complete mess to pass.

4. Wingsuit

Yes, we all dream to be the Felix Baumgartner and Flick Champions Extreme Sports is the place to fulfill those dreams. The wingsuit mode sends you high in the sky where you have to skydive between obstacles, trying to stay in the air as long as possible. To do so you have to maintain your height above 100 meters. Every time you hit an obstacle, or you get hit by something, you lose 40 meters of height, which means that you get only one or two crashes before your parachute opens and your race is finished. You also lose your height by just diving, so to increase your height, you need to fly over hot air pockets and to stay inside the circle of the pocket for certain time. That will give you 30 meters of height.

TIP: Try to hit the hot air pocket in the upper part of the screen as this way you will have enough time to stay inside it.

In wingsuit mode you should look to collect as many coins as possible, follow the score lines and to go through Pass gates in order to increase your score. Power-ups can also help you out in many occasions.

5. Parkour

This mode is as extreme with its obstacles as all others. Even more, this one stands out as the quickest one and has the least room for an error. So, the first and the most important tip is to think and react fast. The obstacles in Parkour are very diverse and they ask for more operations than in other sports. Here, you not only have to go left or right, but you also have to jump over some and to slide under other obstacles. When in full speed, these two are not so different, except for the arrows pointing up or down, so you have to pay attention to that small detail or you’ll crash your runner. If you think that it’s just easier to evade these obstacles, it’s not a good idea, as performing these “stunts” earns extra points (we’re here for the points, right?). Warning! Don’t be fooled that you can jump over big red obstacles, because you’ll finish with your nose on the track.

Beside these, Parkour has almost the same common tasks as other sports.

TIP: In order to successfully manage the quick pace of the race, use two hands to control your runner. It’s much, much easier.

6. Surfing

Everything that we have mentioned in the other sports can be also applied to Surfing as well. There are, however, a few things to add.

The Controls in Surfing are reverse and you should try not to forget it as you might get confused after playing other modes. Also, in Surfing there is one more type of obstacle. If you hit the sandy beach, it will not result in crash, but will result in significant loss of speed. In that case, you will be one step closer to that giant wave that’s coming right behind your back. The only help is to head for the jump, which will increase your speed.

That’s it folks. We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of Flick Champions Extreme Sports tips, tricks and cheats. If you have other tips or tricks to share, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section!