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Desperate Housewives: The Game Tips, Cheats, Tricks & Guide: 7 Hints You Need to Know

Yes, you’ve got to believe it — they actually went there with this one. MegaZebra’s new title for iOS, Desperate Housewives: The Game, is a mobile game based on the popular television series, and, in fact, described as a “dramatic new prequel” to the series. In this game, you will be playing a new resident of Wisteria Lane who builds friendships and unlocks mysteries with characters from the actual show, but with your own story, your own secrets to unlock, and your own reputation to build. You can add new items to your wardrobe, decorate your home, and flirt with the neighborhood males — once again, it’s just as seen on TV, only in the format of a mobile game for your iPhone or iPad.

Just how can you build your reputation as one of the titular Desperate Housewives? How can you make your story a good one, and more importantly, how can you make it interesting enough to justify all the time you may likely be spending on the game? Read on, as we shall now be bringing you our Desperate Housewives: The Game strategy guide, talking you through each and every thing you need to do if you’re a first-time player, whether you may be a fan of the series or not.

1. Exercise Is Good For You

So you’re now one of the Desperate Housewives, and you’re wondering what you should be doing for starters. Well, we would suggest getting some exercise and getting in shape, which, in the in-game universe, would mean walking around and taking a look at some of the areas you can visit while outside of your home. This could mean additional energy, which does justify how we described this tip — a chance for you to get some “exercise,” so to say. Specifically, you want to look out for the tiny square with three points, as that’s going to give you instant energy as a reward. You can also tap on items for free money or experience points.

2. There Is A Cap To The Number Of Items You Can Pick Up

When exploring outside, you should be tapping on various items, as we mentioned — this would mean mailboxes, watering cans, and the like, as these could yield some freebies that you can use to your benefit going forward. But there is a limit to the number of items you can pick up at any given time; you’ll know you’ve reached the limit if you tap on a new item, but don’t see any effect whatsoever. The good thing here is that you can wait for a couple of hours and keep walking and collecting once again.

3. Make Sure You Have Full Energy Before Starting A Mission

Like other games of this kind, Desperate Housewives: The Game would ask you to complete missions. And these missions should ideally be completed with a perfect three stars — if you get less than three, you’ll get more common, less impressive rewards, and while you can oftentimes replay the missions, grinding it out to get three stars isn’t always fun or ideal. It also hampers the speed of your progress, so there’s that as well to consider. What you should always do, to improve your chances of three-star missions, is to start new ones with your energy complete, or return to complete additional tasks before your time expires.

As a bonus tip, we’ve observed that the type of task doesn’t seem to be too important. That is to say that tasks that require only one unit of energy, for instance, will give you an equal amount of completion per energy spent than those that require, say, three or four units. That means you can accept missions at random until the meter gets filled up — this may be a glitch that will be ironed out in a future update, but it is what it is, and it’s a nice-to-know quirk of the game at the moment!

4. If You Must Grind, Try This Easy Strategy

As we mentioned above, it is possible to grind it out and replay missions in most cases. The operative word here is “most,” as majority of the missions in Desperate Housewives: The Game can be replayed if you fail them or get less than three stars. Keeping this in mind, we would suggest trying to use up all your energy until right before the first star is collected. You can then quit the game and return to the mission with a full bar of energy. You will still get to replay the mission if you return after time runs out, but take note that this is a new game — this easy exploit could eventually be nerfed in a future update, so take advantage of it while it’s still available!

5. Take It Easy With The Creature Comforts

If you’re new to the game and earning a respectable amount of money in your first few in-game days in Wisteria Lane, you may be tempted to buy a good number of items to decorate your house, such as furniture. You may also be wanting to add to your wardrobe. But don’t jump to that temptation just yet — take it easy, as you won’t really need these creature comforts in the early goings. It would be better if you wait until the middle of the second chapter (at the very earliest) before you go ahead and buy a plethora of items. It’s better to wait it out, because you’ll have more money to buy stuff, better items to choose from, and you’ll likely be familiar with what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to sprucing up your home or wardrobe collection.

6. Improve Your Relationships

Before you really bear down and focus on the main story missions in Desperate Housewives: The Game, you should be trying to improve your relationships with the game’s non-playable characters, meaning the other ladies in the neighborhood. Relationship missions, thankfully, aren’t too difficult for the most part, and won’t require as much energy as the tougher story missions; you’ll have to complete them anyway, so don’t hesitate to work on building those relationships up. Easier mission completion means more energy and faster progress when leveling up, so there’s really no downside to working on relationships. Furthermore, that’s going to open up new in-game areas, giving you more places to explore and more options as far as gameplay is concerned. Sure, there may be more important things to do than being friends with this or that character, but it’s equally essential to get the relationship missions out of the way before moving on to the harder, more important tasks.

7. Do The Choices Really Matter?

This, we’d say, is one of the more interesting questions about this game — you’ll be given a list of possible answers when talking to characters who ask you questions, and you may be wondering if there really is a true right or wrong answer. As far as we’ve observed, there isn’t — even using premium currency to ensure that you get the best answer doesn’t seem to help much, as other answers tend to yield similar, or the same results. That means you ideally shouldn’t be spending your premium currency on getting the best answer – follow your instinct and go with the answer you feel is most suited to your play style. Sure, you can pay some diamonds, but only do so once you’re flush with premium currency.

That’s all for now folks. We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of Desperate Housewives – The Game tips and tricks here on LevelWinner. In case you know any other hints for the game, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments!

Rose R

Thursday 3rd of May 2018

Here is the extra amount of friendship points and the amount of energy the task requires. 45 points: 15 energy 72 p: 20 e 90 p: 25 e 108 p: 30 e A full energy bar has 80 units of energy. Story tasks don't always use the same energy levels as the friendship tasks.

Don't waste energy on Nick/Nat. You can get that relationship to level up through the other task mode (the ones in the menu with the heart button at the bottom.)


Tuesday 27th of March 2018

The energy gets over too soon. Is this a way to get people addicted and spend money on buying more energy? Smart move on your part but I'm kinda loosing interest in this game cause of this low energy thing.