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Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Guide: 6 Tips, Cheats & Tricks for Smart Base Management

Epic Action’s Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is now available for your iOS or Android device, and while the game is based on the original Final Fantasy XV, it also serves as your chance to be the hero of your own adventure, as you build your own kingdom, discover new forms of magic, and team up with your friends to rule the in-game universe. Yes, this is your chance to rewrite a classic game and forge your own destiny, as you travel through different kingdoms, gather resources, and build up your empire through base management mechanics. Of course, that also means that this game has a very strong social/MMO element, as you would ordinarily expect from any other title in the base management genre.

Regardless whether you’re a fan of the Final Fantasy series or not, particularly FFXV, you’ll probably have a good idea of what to do if you happen to be a veteran of base management games. Then again, we might as well get you started on the basics, just in case you aren’t too familiar with either FFXV, base management games, or both. Read on, and check out our Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire strategy guide, so you never get lost regardless which part of the game you’re in.

1. All About The Different Types Of Quests

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire comes with a wide variety of quests — you’ve got your Hero quests, your Guild quests, your VIP quests, and those good old Empire quests that are there to ensure you’re always up to speed. But there’s something rather peculiar about the first three types of quests — they aren’t your usual tasks you have to complete in order to get rewards. Instead, all you have to do is to go to the quest sub-menu, activate whatever quest you want, and wait until the time for completion expires, with no need to do anything extra. That means you should queue up those timed quests — as many of them as possible — since you don’t need to exert any effort whatsoever to complete them.

Of course, you can only complete Guild quests if you are a member of a Guild, and that’s where we should tell you to join a guild as soon as possible, even if it’s just a random one where you don’t know anybody. You can queue up VIP quests if you’ve got a running VIP subscription — you can temporarily get one via VIP consumables, though this obviously would only be available for a limited period of time.

2. Collect Those Secret Gifts

The Secret Gift can be accessed by clicking on the small chest at the bottom of your screen. The game will allow you to open one such chest every 15 minutes or so, and while you’ll usually be getting common stuff, including in-game resources, you may get lucky and end up with some gold — the game’s premium currency. If you’re trying to load up on secret gifts, it’s best if you leave the game up and running and try returning to it about three to four times an hour.

3. Get Investment Bonuses Through The Treasury

During the tutorial stage of the game, you will be introduced to the Treasury, and be asked to build the level 1 version of this building. The Treasury allows you to deposit premium currency (gold) and get a return on your investment. Once at level 1, the Treasury’s investment time is set at two hours, and you get 10 percent interest — for an easy example, depositing 100 gold would allow you to get 110 gold back after two hours, or a net profit of 10 units.

The catch behind the Treasury is that you need to make a real-money purchase to get it beyond level 1. But if you come to think of it, a 10 percent profit is pretty solid, and if you keep on depositing gold, you’ll be able to earn a nice profit once everything is added up.

4. Your Queues Should Always Be Busy

This is probably a common-sense tip for base management games — aside from the all-important tip of taking the social element seriously, keeping queues busy is one of those staple tips that we don’t think will ever go away from the genre. If you’re trying to ensure that your empire is up to speed and growing at a commendable rate, you should always be making sure that your queues are busy, and working toward completing something. For example, you might as well load up an upgrade if you don’t have any new buildings to work on. If you’re lacking in soldiers, head to the training grounds and train new troops. And when it comes to research, you don’t even need to think — just research on any random technology to keep yourself sharp at all times! It’s all that easy — a productive kingdom is a busy one!

5. Take The Resource Caches Over

At the start of FFXV: A New Empire, resources will be very easy to come by, as your empire’s farms will be able to handle all your resource needs in the early goings. But over time, you’ll find it progressively harder to rely on your farms alone; this would require you to head out and take over a resource cache near you. Each different resource has their own specific cache, and in order to take it over, you’ll need to dispatch an exploration party. And once your team has made it to the cache, they will work on gathering resources until they can’t gather anymore, upon which they’ll return to your kingdom. Be aware, though, that your exploration party can be attacked by enemy troops — keep a close eye on this, and remember that running away and living to fight another day is often the more logical option!

6. Take Part In The Special Events

See the red banner on the right side of your screen? Tap on that and you’ll be taken to the event menu, which includes a list of limited-time events, each of them asking you to do a different thing. Depending on how well you’re able to complete the task, you may earn more rewards, as well as better ones. For example, you should focus on killing more monsters in the ongoing event, which is Monster-based; these are AI-controlled monsters that shouldn’t be much of a challenge to you, so go get ‘em if you’re hoping to do as well as possible in that particular event!

Thanks for checking out our Final Fantasy: A New Empire guide! If you know additional hints, feel free to drop us a line!

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