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Flame Versus Blaze Guide, Cheats & Tips to Battle Your Way to Victory

The multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre has skyrocketed in terms of popularity in recent years. Not one to be left behind, Square Enix – the publisher behind games such as Meshi Quest and Kingdom Hearts Union X – jumps into the fray with the release of Flame Versus Blaze. Available for iOS and Android devices, this game features the usual MOBA elements along with a few unique twists that makes it stand out. The game pits players against each other in two teams of three members each. Another unique feature of the game is the participation of boss-like creatures called Reactors. The first half of each game focuses on collecting mana to power up a team’s Reactor. Once they wake up, these giants will help their respective teams in battle. These elements give a new level of depth that sets it apart from the anything else before it. That is why you should read our Flame Versus Blaze tips and tricks if you want to win every battle!

1. Use The Right Cards

Flame Versus Blaze uses cards as a way to boost your character’s performance in battle. At the start of a match, you will only have the first card slot available. The second slot unlocks at level 4, and the last one unlocks at level 7. It is important to pay attention to your character’s needs during battle so that you know which cards to pick up once you reach level 4 and 7. For example, if you have been struggling with survival, you may want to pick up an HP card. On the other hand, if your team is ahead and you would like to snowball, then you can equip a power-boosting card at level 7. Choosing the right card does not just mean assessing your own character. You need to check what your opponents and teammates have and adjust accordingly.

Don’t forget to read the card’s fine print before equipping it. Some cards require a trigger condition. For example, the Monster Slayer card will be useless until you hit level 3. If you are confident you don’t need any card in the early game, you can equip it at level 1, otherwise it’s best if you pick it up at level 4.

2. Consider Your Character’s Strengths

The different characters in Flame Versus Blaze have their respective specialties. Instead of trying to make a well-rounded character who is somewhat decent in every aspect, you should invest more in what he is good at. For example, if you have Yasaka who has high mobility and a defense boosting skill, then you should invest in defensive cards to make him even more difficult to kill.

3. Shift Modes When Necessary

Each character in the game has two modes. When you switch to a different mode, your character will have different attributes as well as different skills. Use this to adapt to changes in the flow of battle. Of course, make sure you are also familiar with your character’s alternate mode so you can fully use it to your advantage when the time comes. One good way to utilize the mode shift is to use it as a workaround your ultimate skill’s cooldown. After using your current mode’s ultimate, you can switch to the alternate so you will still have an ultimate skill available. Keep in mind, however, that you can only switch modes when you are at your base.

4. Know The Different Modes

Since you will be switching back and forth between these modes, it is best if you familiarize yourself with all their benefits. You don’t want to accidentally put yourself at a disadvantage just because you switched to the wrong mode by mistake. One of the main things to consider is the overheat strength of your character. If you decide to switch to a character with low overheat strength, make sure your teammates can pick up the slack. The Reactors will be the biggest threats on the map once they wake up. You don’t want to be caught unprepared when this happens. Listed below are the different modes and what they do.

Power Mode

This increases your character’s basic attacks and critical rate. You will also receive reduced damage from soul abilities in this form. Lastly, characters in this mode overheat Reactors faster compared to other modes.

Soul Mode

This increases your character’s soul damage. Your normal attacks will be based on your soul attribute instead of power. It also deals decent damage to Reactors.

Defense Mode

This reduces damage from physical attacks. You will also give a power-based defense boost to nearby allies. This mode also deals average overheat damage to Reactors.

Travel Mode

As the name suggests, this mode increases a character’s movement speed. They also receive a boost in attack speed. Characters in this mode have normal attacks that are boosted by their soul stat but they are nearly useless in overheating Reactors.

Command Mode

This mode is for those who like controlling monsters. Monster allies receive stat boosts and status ailments have reduced effects on them. Your character will have low overheat strength but the monsters you control can make up for this deficiency.

5. Prioritize Powering Up The Reactor

Who wouldn’t want a boss fighting on their side? Don’t neglect your team’s Reactor or you will come to regret it once the enemy team wakes up theirs. Having a Reactor also makes pushing towards the enemy base look like a walk in the park. Hang around the lower area of the map where all the monsters are. Capture a whole bunch of monsters so you have a lot of backup when you attack the enemy team’s manapods. Destroying the enemy’s manapods will cripple them in the second half of the game since they won’t have a Reactor to help them. Of course, this strategy is also available to your opponents so make sure you keep an eye on your own manapods and defend them at all costs!

It’s time to dominate the competition in Flame Versus Blaze! Make sure you follow the tips and tricks listed above and you will surely emerge victorious!